Q. When will my greenhouse be shipped if it was purchased “on backorder“?

Backorder means that currently we are sold out on a specific greenhouse, and do not have it available for a prompt shipment/local pick up.
Typically, once we go low on stock for particular unit, we put in a request for restocking with our production. Depending on the volume of orders/backorders, it can take between few weeks to several months to get the item restocked and ready for shipping.
Below estimate dates reflect the timeline when we expect to have restock arrived to our warehouses in WA state, after which they will be fulfilled/shipped per standard terms, in the order they were received.
Upon receipt of restock shipments, we always try to get all backorders filled and shipped as soon as possible. In some cases we may have your backorder shipped prior to expected date. You will be notified by email once your backorder has been shipped. If you may have any questions you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service, and we will be glad to assist you.Worry-free policy: In case you may change your mind, or an unexpected delay may occur – you may request to have your backorder cancelled and receive a full refund. This policy applies only for backorders that have not been shipped.

(ClimaPod BACKORDER RESTOCK ETA UPDATE as of May 1, 2022)In Stock models ship within 1-2 weeks

  • 4MM HOBBY series (size: 9×12is IN STOCK .
  • 6MM VIRTUE  series (size 9×14is IN STOCK .
  • 6MM VIRTUE  series (size 9×21) and
    6MM VIRTUE XL series (sizes 9×28, 9×35, 9×42)
    will be back in stock & ready for pick-up/shipping between May 10 – May 20, 2022.
  • 4MM PASSION series (sizes 9×14, 9×21) and
    4MM PASSION XL series (sizes: 9×28, 9×35, 9×42are IN STOCK.
  • 6MM SPIRIT series (sizes 7×12, 7×14, 7×21) and
    6MM SPIRIT XL series (size 7×28, 7×35, 7×42are IN STOCK.
  • 6MM ARCHED CLIMAORB series (sizes: 9×14, 9×21) and
    6MM ARCHED CLIMAORB XL series (sizes: 9×28, 9×35, 9×42)
    will be back in stock & ready for pick-up/shipping between May 25 – June 15, 2022.

Please order online or contact our sales representatives for reserving preferred greenhouse models.

Q. It’s Winter/Spring season, could that affect the time when I will receive my ClimaPod Greenhouse order?

We always try to have all orders/backorders shipped as soon as possible, but during Winter/Spring seasons (December – May) there are some factors that may delay the order transit time after it’s been shipped.
Please consider additional 5-10 business days in addition to the standard average transit of 10-14 business days, allowing total up to 15-24 business days, for your order to be processed, prepared, and shipped from our warehouse and get delivered to your nearest terminal, from where our carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery to your house.
Given the current situation with Covid-19, and major delays & interruptions in global and domestic transit times, it is typical for shipping carriers to require extra time for transit of your greenhouse order. Additionally, during Winter/Spring season we tend to have extremely high volume of orders which requires additional time for preparing and shipping all orders promptly. We will do our best to have all orders/backorders shipped promptly and in the order they were received.
You are always welcome to contact our customer support team at office@climapod.com and sales@climapod.com to get current shipping transit estimates, status of your shipment, and tracking information (for orders that were already shipped).Happy Gardening!


Q. How does the greenhouse ship to me?

The greenhouse is shipped via Mainfreight, C.H. Robinson, FedEx Freight/Ground, UPS Ground, or other Ground/LTL services in 3 or more boxes. The exact number of boxes varies depending on the kit that was ordered, you are welcome to reach out to our Customer Service to receive exact details on what your order will include. No special equipment is needed to receive the greenhouse. We pack it in the way, where boxes and their contents are well protected during transportation, and at the same time so it is easy for two people to offload each of the boxes/pieces (driver will be glad to assist). Once your order has been shipped, you will receive tracking information, receiving instructions, and copy of your packing list showing how your order is packed and how many boxes it will come with.
Even though we put a lot of effort into making every shipment go perfectly, it is customer’s responsibility to report any damage or missing boxes/pieces during order delivery. In such event, customer needs to note the issue on the delivery receipt and immediately email our customer service team.


Q. When will my greenhouse arrive at my front door?

When you submit your purchase (for non-backordered kits) we immediately send the request to our warehouse in Washington State from where it will be shipped. If you place your order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday your order will be submitted on the following Monday. It can take between 3-7 business days for the warehouse to prepare your order (as stated above, please allow extra days between Fall and Spring seasons, due to high volume of orders). When your purchase leaves the warehouse, please allow up to 10-14 business days to receive your order. In most cases it takes no more than 5-7 business days on average for your order to arrive to your local terminal, then our carriers will give you a call to set up an appointment for drop-off at your door.
We usually receive tracking confirmation from the warehouse within 24-48 hours of your purchase being shipped which our customer service representatives will send you to provided email along with Receiving Instructions and Packing List reflecting total box count and how your order is packed.

Q. Do you sell larger greenhouses than on your website?

Yes, you may request additional information on the custom larger (longer) models from our customer service representatives. If you have an existing ClimaPod greenhouse, you can purchase extension sets which can be added to an already-built greenhouse.


Q. How strong is a ClimaPod greenhouse?

Europe’s standards are higher than those in the US, and the TUV Europe testing lab which is equivalent to UL has tested the product and certified it as being strong and safe. The incredible strength of the greenhouse comes from its excellent engineering and the high quality of plastics and aluminum used.


Q. How much wind can ClimaPod greenhouse withstand?

Much depends on the location, foundation, and what sort of wind velocity your region can get. We do know from customers that the units have withstood wind gusts over 70 mph winds without damage. Even in very bad windstorms, based on reports we received in nearly 10 years of selling ClimaPods, the worst that can happen to your greenhouse is that some of the polycarbonate panels are blown out which are very easy to replace. Note that for cold, high-snow and high-wind regions we recommend using our double-wall polycarbonate kits, caulking edges with silicone, setting up climapod Storm Kit, as well as making sure all the vents and doors are shut when wind/snow is expected.


Q. What is their snow load capacity?

The load capacity is roughly 50 lbs per square foot. Never the less, we recommend that you brush the snow off the roof whenever it gets over a foot.


Q. Where should I locate my greenhouse?

The selection of a site involves taking into consideration three important factors:

  1. the most desirable location should be partially shaded by deciduous tree(s) or lacking shade draped with an external shade cloth over the greenhouse;
  2. the site should also be sheltered from the wind by a tree(s) or some other barriers;
  3. the site should be level and allow for good drainage.


Q. How do I secure the greenhouse?

Ideally the greenhouse should be attached to some sort of foundation, preferably something heavy/solid, in order to keep it secure.
All ClimaPod Greenhouses comes with ~5″ aluminum base that can be connected to most kinds of foundations.


Q. What kind of greenhouses does ClimaPod offer?

ClimaPod Greenhouses are all glazed with premium quality Polycarbonate panels and framed by heavy duty Aluminum profiles.


Q. What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. Their superior features in comparison with other polymers (temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties) position them between commodity plastics and engineering plastics.


Q. What makes a polycarbonate greenhouse better than a glass one?

Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. It is a great advantage, considering their longevity as well as their safety, especially crucial when younger children or the elderly are involved.The light weight of the panels – less than 2-3 lbs – is another advantage that affects the convenience of assembly or even re-location option (assembled 9’x12′ greenhouse is less than 250 lbs).

In addition the Polycarbonate panels protect everything inside the greenhouse from the harmful UV rays, either it is shelving, pots, tools or your skin.


Q. What are Clear Polycarbonate panels?

Clear Polycarbonate panels are unique for ClimaPod Clear greenhouses. They combine the visual appearance and functional effects of glass with the advantages of polycarbonate greenhouse.These are solid panels that have about 90% light transmission and this helps to make flowers and plants inside the greenhouse to be a part of your garden landscape. You can see everything inside the greenhouse just like through glass and your plans will enjoy maximum light exposure.

On the other hand, Clear polycarbonate panels are fully safe since they are virtually unbreakable, and their light weight makes the assembly process easier and more convenient.


Q. What sizes are available for ClimaPod greenhouses?

Hobby series come approximately with 9’ width and 12’ depth.
Spirit series come approximately with 7′ width and 12′, 14′, 21′, 28′, 35′, or 42′ depth
Passion & Virtue series come approximately with 9’ width and 14’, 21′, 28′, 35′, or 42′ depth.
Arched ClimaOrb series come approximately with 9’ width and 14’, 21′, 28′, 35′, or 42′ depth.Note that you can always request a quote for a longer ClimaPod or custom connect few of the greenhouse kits in order to increase the length.Please click “here” to see all ClimaPod Greenhouse models.


Q. Is it possible to enlarge your greenhouse?

Yes, ClimaPod Greenhouses can be assembled together. As long as you secure them properly, you can put together as many greenhouses as you want.


Q. What accessories are available for the greenhouse?

All greenhouses include vents with manual openers and base.For ClimaPod Virtue, Passion, Spirit and Hobby additional accessories are available in separated kits: Shelving, Solar Fans, Louvers, and Automatic Vents Openers.

For more details check the products pages at this website.


Q. What are main advantages of Polycarbonate vs Glass?

In the last few years the glass has to a great extent been substituted by a new higher grade material – twin wall polycarbonate.
ClimaPod’s  twin-wall polycarbonate offers high impact resistance, excellent heat retention and 80-90% light transmission. ClimaPod greenhouse polycarbonate sheets are designed and engineered specifically for greenhouse use.
All of our panels have UV protection on the outer side to help protect your plants from getting burnt by UV rays and prevent the polycarbonate from yellowing after many years of use. The multi-layer structure reduces heating costs in winter while minimizing excessive heat in summer. Polycarbonate has an insulating effect, so the temperature in the greenhouse will be more even and create a better growing habitat.


Q. How long will a Polycarbonate greenhouse last?

Because ClimaPod is using Polycarbonate that is UV protected, there is no yellowness, turbidity or disintegration for at least 10 years.


Q. Can the frame rust?

No. All of our kits are made of aluminum, which is rust resistant. The steel hardware parts are galvanized.


Q. How to choose a greenhouse site?

If possible, locate the greenhouse where it will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the winter months. Try to avoid a site that is completely shaded by buildings or trees. A good site would also be sheltered from high winds. Easy access and close water and electricity proximity are also important. The recommended greenhouse’ position is with its ridge running east and west so its length will face the sun during most hours.


Q. What is the return or cancellation policy?

After the order is placed, it can be cancelled or returned within 14 calendar days after purchase day with 20% restocking fee.
– The shipping & handling fees are nonrefundable.
– The customer is responsible for arranging the return of product, or the return shipping cost will be also deducted from the remaining total.
– Please note that the product will only be accepted in unopened original boxes.
– Products purchased with discounts or promotions cannot be returned.Please contact our representatives to learn more.


Q. What kind of surface does the greenhouse need?

The greenhouse must be positioned on a flat level surface. It can either be a concrete, gravel, strong wood platform, or a flat ground that was leveled carefully.


Q. How should I anchor a ClimaPod greenhouse?

The greenhouse should be anchored to a firm surface.


Q. How do I clean the greenhouse?

Use a mild detergent solution and rinse with cold clean water. DO NOT use acetone, abrasive cleaners, or other special detergents for cleaning as they can remove the UV resistant layer on the polycarbonate.


Q. How do I ask for replacement/missing parts?

We put a lot of time and effort into inspecting boxes during production to avoid having missing parts.
If you believe that you have some part missing please contact our customer service through this website contact form or by sending an email to office@climapod.com and our team members will promptly assist you.

Regulatory Approvals

Some of the supplied product, its packaging, and components may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. This Notice is provided in accordance with California’s Proposition 65.

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