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Let’s find out why the ClimaPod can be the best greenhouse in the United States.

Climapod hit the TOP 10 Greenhouse Blogs 2018

Climapod hit the TOP 10 Best Greenhouse Blogs 2018

Climapod hit the TOP 10 Best Greenhouse Blogs 2018

It’s nice to receive awards. It’s even more pleasant to receive unexpected awards! Such pleasant news occurred in early 2018 and became a complete surprise for us! A pleasant surprise.

ClimaPod blog tooks 6th place in the Top 20 Greenhouse Blogs & Websites for Greenhouse Gardeners in 2018.

We were very happy when you praised our favorite work. This award inspires our employees to continuously develop and update our products, website and social pages. We are pleased to expand the range of greenhouse kits for a variety of using. That’s why we publish many new articles and tips about using greenhouses our blog. Please, read about growing vegetables and flowering in the ClimaPod Greenhouse’s Blog. There are a lot of articles about cultivating, tips for gardeners and farmers, tricks for the owners of greenhouses on our website. By the way, now you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive interesting offers and digest of articles on your email. We give useful information for buyers of potential best greenhouses with our pleasure.
We wish you good luck and a rich harvest!




ClimaPod 9x14 Virtue is marked as best choice between Polycarbonate Greenhouses according to

So, ClimaPod is best greenhouse made of PVC

best choice between Polycarbonate Greenhouses

The best choice between Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Out of the five Polycarbonate Greenhouses we researched and reviewed, we found the Climapod Virtue Complete Kit is formidable greenhouse which can fit almost any need. Coming in at a whopping 9’ x 14’ size, it comes packed with automatic window openers, solar fans, and a louver.

Like most of the greenhouses featured, the assembly can be difficult, but once finished (along with a decent base like timber or concrete), this greenhouse should last a while – and is backed by their 10-year warranty. It comes complete with full length shelves on either side, so you won’t need to go out and spend more to get it up and running.

Overall this may be the best value, though it is still quite expensive, and out of the reach of many hobby gardeners.

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