Climapod VIRTUE 9×14 & 9×21 Greenhouse Series With 6-mm Polycarbonate

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ClimaPod Virtue Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame.

  • Extremely heavy duty construction: thick aluminum profiles & 6 MM polycarbonate panels.
  • Sliding door with magnetic key locker.
  • The durable roof can hold over 15″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12 in.).
  • Warranty: 10 years.
Dimensions N/A

Virtue Greenhouse



Greenhouse Size

9×14, 9×21

Greenhouse Width


Greenhouse Height


Assembly Requirements

2-3 people, 1-2 days (involving more people make it easier and reduce assembly time).


Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
Twin Wall 6 MM Polycarbonate Panels

Number of Doors

1 Set of Double Sliding Doors with Magnetic Locker

Snow Load

12-18 in. (remove snow loads over 12 in.)

R/K Value



10 years

Kit Package Options

, ,

7 reviews for Climapod VIRTUE 9×14 & 9×21 Greenhouse Series With 6-mm Polycarbonate

  1. C.Arras

    We purchased the greenhouse in May 2015 after extensive research on what was available out there. The greenhouse is in northeast WA and withstood over 70 mile an hour winds over 2 days without any damage. It also held up fine with quite a bit of snowfall and extremely cold temps. I did remove the snow from the roof, as needed. Due to an unexpected illness, we needed to have the greenhouse assembled and the folks at Climapod arranged all of that for us. I have had a few questions about moving shelves and e-mail response is quick and always helpful. With a small radiant heater, I began using the greenhouse in March this year and started many flowers for my yard and peas are beginning to flower. We added grow boxes to the floor and were pleased to have an extremely long season of vegetables and mini melons. I recommend this product highly.

  2. Chris W

    When I got this, I had seen on several reviews that is was hard to assemble. I do have to say that when I got it and seen all the parts, it seemed a bit overwhelming. It did go together very well. Took some time to put together, I would say about 9 hours with the foundations and all the add-on accessories. The finished product is very nice. It is very sturdy and looks good.
    Very well made even though there is a lot of parts!

  3. Wayde

    Just got my greenhouse, it arrived 12 days after I placed the order which is nice considering it came from Washington State, and I live in Maryland. Dollar per sq. ft. this greenhouse cannot be beat, even with shipping. The only other one I found to be comparable in price per sq ft was a flimsy one from harbor freight that wouldn’t have lasted more than 3 years, generously.

    5 stars for customer service and swift replies, if I ever need a greenhouse in the future I will probably order from here again.

  4. S.Asher

    My wife and I looked around at ALLOT of companies for such a greenhouse. Most that we looked at were from professional farming companies that were cost prohibitive, not sure why, but they are. Another version we mulled over where those inexpensive versions sold at Harbor Freight, but not that seriously because I know how they tend to Mfg stuff. I am not sure how I missed ClimaPod in all my searches, but my wife found them somewhat accidentally, and so glad she did.

    First, let me preface the rest of this with some info on my personal mechanical capabilities. I have designed and Mfged specialized military rifle parts, Up-Armored systems for U.S military vehicles, as well as body armor for police and civilians, and not inexperienced in metal fabrication, welding, and machining. Now let’s talk ClimaPod greenhouse quality and construction:

    • Everything arrived in tact and well-marked throughout all the boxes.
    • Everything that was supposed to be in each box ACTUALLY WAS in each box! Unheard of!
    • Instructions were way better than most but can use a bit of polish from a native English speaker.
    • All holes in parts lined up as they needed to, all parts fit together perfectly.

    TOOLS – I have enough tools to build another NASA space program. But ClimaPod came with such a handy little wrench, we wound up using that for 90% of the build.

    Shelving – Actually, from all the pics I saw I did not at all believe that shelving was going to be worth a damn. Wrong again! It’s a straightforward design, but about 5x stronger than I ever imagined. Very strong.

    Auto-Opening roof windows – All I can say is that again, I did NOT expect these to work as advertised and I am happily incorrect about those as well. These little units are so damn good that I have been looking for other places on the ranch to employ them.

    Manual slat vent window – Again, works well, and I may even add one of those handy auto-openers on this as well, but on the downside, this window (frame & mechanism) design needs some work. Don’t get me wrong here, it works fine, just a hair light duty for my taste. But then again, I didn’t pay 5 grand for this system. So, apples to apples, it’s fine.

    Poly Panels – These are top quality! All cut to size near perfectly. I only had to trim one or two and that was because I may have had some frame sections a bit out of place.

    Strength once finished – This was a major concern for us here in Montana. We get some serious winds almost all the time, and more than a few near biblical thunderstorms. So far since it’s been up and running from 6/1 to today, we have had three major storms with seriously high winds. And when Montana’s speak of high winds we are NOT talking about your usual 35 to 55 mph gusts. We get sustained 60 to 90 mph winds several times per year, so this shit has to be strong. First two storms this year over the last few weeks had at least 60mph winds hitting the greenhouse at an angle. I did get a little freaked out watching those 4-roof vent windows flutter around in the extreme until they finally closed. They took about a 15min beating. Then again, a few days after that. All still perfectly intact. The main house is super strong. I don’t see that blowing down. If it does it also means out main house is also gone so….

    Recommendation for building your kit – If you are not a highly experienced mechanical person, or have 5 other friends who are and who are also willing to stick out several days of building with you, then pay someone else to do it. You CANNOT half build this thing and go away for a week, or at least should not.

    Your base – All I can say here is, make your base strong and extremely level. I built their aluminum perimeter base first and then built my 2”x 8” main base under it while keeping everything square and level on a large concrete shop floor. Most people do not have such a space to do this. After my perimeter wood base was done with their alum base attached, we walked the base into place and went up from there. It took my son and I about 10 days at several hrs per day to finish the job. However, the additional base framing structure and flooring took about half of that time.
    Sales & Service – Ilya the owner seems to be all about customer service. He made sure we had access to the tracking of our shipped product, no problem answering questions when I had them, and he was available or called back every time.

    Would I recommend the company and product? YES! 100%. And be advised, it takes ALLOT for me to recommend anyone’s work or products.
    Would I buy again? Yes! In fact, I just spoke to ILya today about another house of the same model to expand on what we just did for next year.

    Good luck with yours.

  5. Stendahl

    Once constructed, we are very pleased with the greenhouse. It is solid, looks good and does hold up well in the wind. Was a challenging to put together. When they say the pad needs to be perfectly level, believe them. We purchased for a community garden so fortunately had several volunteers to help. We were not clear on a couple of the instructions so we contacted the company’s technical rep who was very good at guiding us through the process including texting pictures and texts that provided additional guidance. We had one of the solar fans went out after 11 months and they were prompt in responding to the warranty and provided us with a new one free of charge. Would recommend putting the shelves on opposite side since stacking them on the same side can end up blocking light to the lower shelf.

  6. Customer

    It was hard for me to decide which greenhouse is better, the reviews about all manufacturers are good, but in our area it is cold and there is a lot of snow … Therefore, I treated the choice of the greenhouse with all care. And of course, the money issue was very acute. My husband said that I should take it with thick polycarbonate, I liked the Virtue model and bought it. Believe it or not, I harvest twice a year. Besides, it also looks beautiful.

  7. Customer

    Sturdy and beautiful greenhouse. We bought the Virtue Greenhouse Kit in 2020. Difficulties arose during installation, there were a lot of details that my husband had to deal with for a long time. Otherwise, we are satisfied, we plant only tomatoes there. I don’t know what exactly the reason is, whether it’s proper ventilation due to the windows on the roof, or it’s the correct design of the greenhouse, but I’m harvesting until the end of October, the heat lasts for a long time. Now we are thinking of taking a smaller greenhouse like Spirit, for peppers and cucumbers.

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ClimaPod Virtue Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame.

CLIMAPOD Virtue Greenhouse is European style greenhouse that is made of the safest & strongest transparent 6 MM polycarbonate. The strongest in the CLIMAPOD Series! All of our greenhouses are perfect for growing organic produce, but can also be used for a wide range of activities, including gardening/flowering, child’s playroom, art or music studio, sun room, and as a lounge/exercise room.

  • CLIMAPOD Virtue Greenhouse is 8’9” wide x 14’3” long x 7’11” high: Total 124 sq. ft.
  • Extremely heavy duty construction: thick aluminum profiles & 6 MM polycarbonate panels.
  • Sliding door with magnetic key locker.
  • Assembly requirements: 2-3 people, 1-2 days (involving more people make it easier and reduce assembly time).
  • The durable roof can hold over 15″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12 in.).
  • Warranty: 10 years.

8’9” x 14’3” x 7’11”  CLIMAPOD Virtue Greenhouse

 4 MM UV Coated twin walls
 6 MM UV Coated twin walls
 Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
 Aluminum Base 
 Roof Windows
 Manual Window Openers 
 Automatic Window Openers 
 Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans
 Full Size 2-Tier Aluminum Shelving
(top & bottom shelves, for one side only)


Upgraded Kit Additional Accessories

This kit makes working in your greenhouse a little more comfortable. If you decide to complete your greenhouse later, you can order any additional accessories from our store.


Complete Kit Additional Accessories

This is the maximum configuration of ClimaPod Greenhouse to obtain the best result. It allows you to effectively use all the space, as well as to simplify the maintenance of the microclimate inside.

Background and Information:

  • CLIMAPOD Virtue is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable all in one
  • While other use Polygal or GE glazing CLIMAPOD Virtue uses twin-wall polycarbonate that’s a Superior quality!
  • With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the Virtue Series is by far one of the strongest greenhouses for it’s value.
  • Guaranteed best value on the market!