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A Beginner’s Guide to Hobby Greenhouses – How to Set Up a Greenhouse?

When it comes to greenhouses, one is tempted to think they belong to a small niche of people with particular skill sets. Given their benefits, and the fact that they are often used on a commercial scale, or at least by very knowledgeable enthusiasts, it often seems that getting one’s own greenhouse is beyond the abilities of the average Jane or Joe. But setting up a greenhouse might just be a lot easier than you think. Let’s explore some of the questions you might have if you are trying to figure out how to start a greenhouse. What Are the […]

The whitewashing of the trees. When, how or whether it is necessary to do at all?

The whitewashed trees have long been the symbol of the spring workout held everywhere. Traditionally the buckets with lime are taken out after all the joint harvesting works. It’s no wonder that many people consider whitewashing the purely decorative act and treat it accordingly. But in fact it is extremely important in the life of the tree. Do I need to bleach trees? We have to say a few words about the bark of the tree in fact to understand the meaning of the whitewashing. The bark of the tree is like the skin for the person. It is protecting […]

Spring Polycarbonate Greenhouse Service

The zealous greenhouse owner cares about it no less than about his own house. Keeping the greenhouse clean and tidy allows you to get a good harvest and spend less effort and money on growing it. Spring is the time for pre-sowing cleaning and service of a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Best polycarbonate greenhouse shape for tomatoes growing

To enjoy delicious, aromatic tomatoes grown on your site all year round, you need to assemble a modern polycarbonate greenhouse. Let’s figure out which type of greenhouse to choose and how they differ.

Infrared Greenhouse Heaters: Selection and Operation Tips

With many advantages, infrared greenhouse heaters can maintain the thermal effect while growing plants. These devices can be used when harvesting exotic fruits or fresh herbs. An infrared heating system is installed to maintain the optimal temperature in the greenhouse for growing plants in the cold season.

Aluminum Greenhouses Features

Frame greenhouses made of aluminum profiles are presented in a wide variety of options. They have many advantages compared to a frame made of wood or steel. At the same time, greenhouses with an aluminum frame look very stylish and can decorate any garden or backyard.

Greenhouse maintenance in winter and spring

In this article, we have collected universal tips for greenhouse maintenance for gardeners in winter and early spring. Here are the guidelines from ClimaPod Team. Greenhouse maintenance in spring before the season starts We recommend to wipe the outside and inside of the greenhouse before you begin planting. Do this with water, a soft sponge or soft cloth. It is strictly forbidden to use brushes, sponges with a rough surface, dishwashing detergents and glass. If during the installation of the polycarbonate greenhouse, profiles were used to join the sheets, check the joining place after the end of winter. Excessive snow […]

How To Strengthen The Greenhouse: Methods And Features

As a rule, it is necessary to strengthen the greenhouse to preserve it in the winter. A large amount of snow that accumulates on the film or polycarbonate can collapse or damage the frame.

What To Do In The Greenhouse In The Fall – The Most Important Work At The End Of The Season

Correct conservation of the greenhouse for the winter is the key to its long service life and good harvests. What and when should be done with your greenhouse in the fall so that it does not turn into a breeding ground for diseases and does not fall apart prematurely?

Greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate in winter

Greenhouse farming is a great way to grow plants. Thanks to greenhouses, people have the opportunity to get good harvests of heat-loving crops in any climatic conditions. Modern polycarbonate greenhouses have become more durable, stronger and more reliable than their predecessors made of glass, films and other materials. In addition, such structures do not need to be dismantled for the winter.

The History of Greenhouses

The Roman Empire The idea of ​​growing plants in ecologically controlled areas has been around since Roman times. The Roman emperor Tiberius was very fond of cucumbers and ate one piece every day. Roman gardeners developed their own system of year-round cultivation of cucumbers in order to receive fresh vegetables for the emperor’s table every day. The cucumbers were planted in the ground, which was in the carts. From that moment, the history of the creation of greenhouses began. These carts were taken out in the sun every morning and rolled into a warm room in the evening in order to […]

Best Ways to Awaken Seeds

Already in February, gardeners begin to actively grow seedlings from seeds. To get quality seedlings, it is important to properly prepare the seeds for sowing. Which way to awaken seeds to choose?

ClimaPod Virtue Greenhouse Kit Video Review from Our Happy Customer

ClimaPod Virtue Greenhouse Kit Video You can do it! We’re old and fat and we did it. Read and follow the directions, watch the video’s (ClimaPod Video), figure out what you plan on growing and choose an appropriate site.

When is the best time to install a greenhouse?

Today, the main material for the production of greenhouses is cellular polycarbonate. Possessing high performance characteristics, this material allows greenhouse assembling at any time of the year. However, the question of which season is best to install a greenhouse is still relevant.

Greenhouse soil composition

A well prepared greenhouse soil is the basis for a good harvest. Every gardener knows this common truth. However, not everyone knows how to make the soil more fertile by correctly assembling the composition. In particular, the selection of soil for a greenhouse has its own characteristics that must be taken into account.

What is polycarbonate UV protection?

Today, polycarbonate is widely used in construction, in the manufacture of translucent structures and in the decoration of buildings. Of the entire selection of materials, cellular polycarbonate with UV protection is most popular.

Year-round greens growing

We add a variety of greens in almost all the dishes on our table. In winter, juicy greens provide a joyful mood and improve appetite. Let’s figure out in greens growing.

Advantages of Drop-Shaped Greenhouse Design

ClimaPod Greenhouse is a modern designed greenhouse for growing early vegetables and herbs. It looks great, strong, reliable and attractive. The Drop-Shaped ClimaPod Greenhouse style belongs to the category of highly reliable structures. Our ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit is stronger than arched greenhouse because of the roof corner, which creates an additional stiffener. At the same time, greenhouses of this design better tolerate snowy winters. Snow usually slides down an inclined plane without any help.

Greenhouse Beds Fencing Methods

The formation of the rows ends with fencing with their sides. What can be used as a greenhouse beds fence?

Do-it-yourself beds in a polycarbonate greenhouse for a good harvest

The first thing that affects fruiting is sunlight. If the beds in the greenhouse are not lit enough, the ovary will form poorly, the stems will stretch out in search of the sun, and the leaves will become pale in color. To avoid this, start thinking about the location, arrangement, and how to do this before installing the greenhouse.

Step-by-step assemble of a polycarbonate greenhouse frame

Anyone who is determined to assemble a greenhouse by yourself, you will need a screwdriver and a wrench. If you bought a ready-made greenhouse, then the set must necessarily contain all the necessary fasteners and an assemble diagram. If you are able to weld all the elements of the frame with your own hands, then you have already made a drawing, calculated and bought the elements necessary for installation.

Winter Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Heating

In recent years, polycarbonate has been widely used for the manufacture of greenhouses. This material is durable and at the same time quite elastic. It allows you to create structures of rather complex geometric shapes. In addition, it has high light transmission (up to 85% of solar radiation) and excellent thermal insulation. Due to the heat-insulating properties of the material, heating a polycarbonate greenhouse will require less thermal energy than for glass or film structures. This will significantly reduce the financial costs of winter crops grown in them.

Biological Heating for Polycarbonate Greenhouse

There are ways to save heat and soil heating in a greenhouse that do not require high costs for polycarbonate constructions.

Features of Heavy-Duty ClimaPod Greenhouse

Greenhouses made of polycarbonate – the best purchase for homeowners. ClimaPod Greenhouse is equipped with this modern covering material, so gardeners interested in high yields will appreciate it. Nevertheless, when buying a ready-made greenhouse, you need to remember about the quality of the assembly. And often the greenhouse, assembled by ourselves, is not inferior in appearance and duration of operation to the greenhouse, which is assembled by professionals.

Aeroponics. How to grow a plant in the air

Plants can be grown not only in soil, but also practically “in the air”. The one who first thought of this, and invented aeroponics. Now this technology is used in greenhouses, greenhouses, and even on spaceships – wherever space and crop areas need to be saved. Plants are kept in special boxes, in limbo. Their roots are in moist air and are periodically sprayed with a special nutrient solution. Usually, in this case, plantings require less water and fertilizer, increase yields and reduce the ripening time of fruits (in comparison with the “traditional” substrate, or soil, method).

How and when prune chrysanthemums for the winter?

You should prune Chrysanthemums only after the bushes have completely faded, or with the onset of the first serious steady frosts, even if inflorescences still remain on the chrysanthemums. Performe this operation with a sharp instrument disinfected with alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate. Moreover, if you have several chrysanthemum bushes, it is advisable to process the tool again after trimming each to avoid possible overgrowth of plants.

How to Repair Polycarbonate Greenhouse

No matter how strong and durable the covering of your greenhouse is, it needs a scheduled inspection and an unscheduled adjustment of the structure in case of force majeure. Why should the greenhouse be repaired periodically, what are the breakdowns of its components and how to eliminate them, how to fix the troubles on their own?

Preparing the pond for winter

Flush the water and prepare the pond for winter In general, the conservation of the pond for winter includes the following steps: garbage collection dismantling the backlight, and additional insulation of the entire wiring installation of expansion joints blackout of a hydraulic system water surface coating

What type of polycarbonate is best for the greenhouse?

To build a high-quality greenhouse on the backyard, most gardeners prefer to choose modern, high-quality translucent plastic (polycarbonate). It’s became a worthy successor of the traditions of glass, which was previously used for the arrangement of greenhouses. What type, color and width of the polycarbonate should be chosen for the greenhouse, and is it necessary to protect it from ultraviolet rays?

How to Equip Polycarbonate Greenhouse Inside

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are a popular way of gardening. Special arrangement of the greenhouse inside gives us the opportunity to get a harvest earlier than in the open-air field. And with the progress of technology to equip greenhouses has become a simple matter. For example, cellular polycarbonate is very useful: lightweight and durable material and you can quickly mount a greenhouse of any size with it.

Works in the Garden in June

June Garden Jobs Tips Summer is the season of active work in the garden or on the farm. We have compiled a list of the most important things for you this month so that you can have a big harvest. So, read below about garden jobs you need to do in June.

Spring treatment and fertilising of the soil in greenhouse

General disinfection of the greenhouse allows you to immediately treat the soil, but this may not be enough. We also advise you to sanitize the soil in the greenhouse in spring before planting.

Strawberry Cultivation Ways in the Greenhouse

The cost of equipment and materials, the complexity and frequency of care, and the amount of the harvest depend on the method of planting strawberries in the greenhouse.

How to prepare the greenhouse for the autumn and for the spring

The greenhouse gives an opportunity to grow heat-loving plants or simply get a crop of vegetables much earlier than the weather-climate conditions allow. But the heat which can be combined with humidity microclimate inside the greenhouse can contribute to the cultivation of pests and pathogens that can overwinter and destroyed the crop of the next year. That is why the greenhouse should not be cleaned up in simply way but also treated with special means after the end of the season in the autumn and in the spring before planting starts.

Green House Gardening – A Tip For Organic Vegetable Garden

Wide variety of methods for green house gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions and is widely used in organic food production such as with hydroponic. Others just want to cultivate plants that are sensitive to the cold weather or they try to get good seeds. And finally, some make a hobby out of the cultivation and display of rare plants.

Growing Sweet Peas In A Home Greenhouse

When growing Sweet peas in a home greenhouse vertical strings are spaced about 4 inches apart. They are tied with a slip knot to the top wire, given one turn around the 16-inch and 10-inch wires, drawn fairly tight and tied with a slip knot to the bottom wire. It is best to tie a few strings near the center first and work toward the ends. This will tend to keep all the strings fairly tight. But it may be found necessary to go back and tighten some of them.

How Greenhouse Accessories Benefit Plants

Enhancing your greenhouse is a bit different than decorating or redesigning your home. It is a very specific type of enhancement, much unlike anything you’ve probably done before. You must purchase accessories that will actually benefit your greenhouse, and not just improve its look.

The dill: growing vegetables in the ClimaPod Greenhouse

What exactly the dill is? Is it vegetable or grass? Many people are asking this question. The dill is the vegetable crop that refers to annual and herbaceous plants from the genus of Umbelliferae. This family consists of only one species and it is the Fragrant Dill. It is growing mainly in the wild Asia and as the garden plant it is growing all over the world.

Profiting from your greenhouse: floriculture

Flower arranging and designing will help you make more profit from your greenhouse.

Home Greenhouse Disease And Pest Control

Growing in a home and in general greenhouse gardening is a lot more fun now than it was 50 years ago. Since then there have been many drastic changes in greenhouse management.

How to Raise Vegetables in the Winter With Greenhouse Gardening

You can cultivate vegetables in the middle of winter making use of greenhouse vegetable gardening techniques. To raise vegetables in a greenhouse is virtually the same as growing them outside during the summer. There are just several added things you must do to imitate what nature would do naturally.

Greenhouse Supplies For A Well-Working Greenhouse

What to know about greenhouse supplies can be important, especially when one hopes to design a well-working enclosure and it’s more than a hobby, for instance. The current economic climate is causing many people to look at ways to save money. Growing their own vegetables can be a way to save a few dollars and eat healthier, on top of things. Additionally, selling plants, certain fruits and vegetables can bring in additional income.

The Essentials Of Installing Greenhouse Lighting

Lighting is a key factor in the healthy growth of any plant. So when you’re planning a greenhouse, it’s important that you give some consideration to the kind of lighting you’ll be using. Selecting a suitable lighting system will ensure that your plants grow faster and remain healthy. Here are various things you should be alert to so as to find the most appropriate greenhouse lighting system for your situation.

How To Grow Your Own Food In A Backyard Greenhouse

Using a Backyard Greenhouse in your garden is one element of leisure activity. And there are also many crops which can be grown outdoors in the greenhouse.

Greenhouses – Any Gardeners All Weather Friend

All Weather Greenhouse is meant to replicate any type of climate from around the world based on the plant’s needs. That is its purpose. Therefore, you must be clear on the variety of plants that you intend to build the greenhouse for, you should also know exactly what their environmental needs are. Apart from this, plants react differently to different seasons, pay close attention to their seasonal needs. Pay attention to what is happening with your plants during different seasons.

Gardening in Small Spaces

Limited Area Gardening Where garden space is very limited (small space gardening), consider wide-row planting of vegetables. Wide-row planting is simply a matter of broadcasting seeds in bands anywhere from 10 in. to 3 or more feet wide instead of a single band on each row. With the wide row system, more square feet of garden space is actually producing vegetables and less space is left for cultivation between the rows. With this method, production will usually more than double.

Introduction To Small Hydroponic Greenhouse Gardening

Gardening inside greenhouses has already been proven to yield good harvest, but if you use hydroponics in a greenhouse, the benefits are multiplied. Hydroponic greenhouse doubles or even triples the harvest you can make from the same area using the usual gardening system.

Orchid Greenhouse

An Orchid Greenhouse is a greenhouse dedicated to the breeding and nurturing of Orchid plants.  There are four basically types of Orchids: terrestrial orchids grow in the ground, while epiphytes grow on trees; usually establishing themselves is the joint where a branch is growing from the trunk. A third type of orchid is the Lithophytes, or air-growing Orchid, which grows on rocky surfaces. While the fourth type of orchid is the Saprophyte Orchid which also grows on air, but uses decaying vegetation as its base. Orchids grown in an orchid greenhouse are usually Lithophytes, Saprophytes, or terrestrial. Although you can easily obtain […]

Get A Home Greenhouse To Save Your Plants

For any person who has an interest in gardening and who has their own plants to grow, getting a home greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home greenhouses have a lot to offer and can make your job of caring for your plants much easier and more convenient. There are a few benefits of home greenhouses in particular that are worth considering. One of the best things about these buildings is that they allow you to control the growing environment for your plants.

A Practical Guide To Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse gardening is what most gardening enthusiasts will develop for growing exotic plants as greenhouses, giving you the chance to garden all year round irrelevant of the temperatures. Thus gardening lovers can still continue their activities and enjoy all types of flowers and plants year round.

Begin Growing Vegetables In A Greenhouse

Some tips about growing vegetables in a greenhouse in winter. Fresh homemade veggies during the cold winter months might appear impossible, but it is not. Set up a small greenhouse next to your garage or house and you are halfway home to having crunchy cucumbers, tangy tomatoes and fresh lettuces for your salads.

How Home Greenhouses Can Save Your Plants

For any person who has an interest in gardening and who has their own plants to grow, getting a greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home greenhouses have a lot to offer and can make your job of caring for your plants much easier and more convenient. There are a few benefits of home greenhouses in particular that are worth considering. One of the best things about these buildings is that they allow you to control the growing environment for your plants.

6 Reasons Why Getting A Greenhouse In Garden Is A Good Idea

For the keen vegetable or flower grower, a greenhouse is often an invaluable addition to the garden or allotment. With the ability to exercise control over the temperature and climate of the enclosed area, many gardeners find that they are able to greatly enhance the productivity of their land and the variety of crops that they are able to grow. The benefits of this kind of structure are numerous. And it is likely to have a very positive effect on the output of your land.

Heating systems for greenhouses

Types of the greenhouse heating. The features and differences In order to grow such kind of vegetables as tomatoes or cucumbers and other different types of vegetables in the greenhouse during winter period it is necessary to use greenhouse heating inside. To make greenhouse business successful and profitable you should keep tracking the level of temperature regime acceptable for plants. For creating of this regime it is necessary to implement the heating system inside the greenhouse. The qualitative heating systems that meet the necessary requirements will be able to give rich harvest to the owners of the greenhouse.

Proper roses trimming for winter

The roses are heat-loving and capricious type of plants. Therefore the roses trimming for winter is necessarily for proper care of them. Every gardener should pay particular attention to this very important procedure. You should trim the roses before you “warm” flowers for the winter frosts. Only this way you can count on the fact that the flowers will be opened with all its beauty for you next year.

How to create beautiful and unique flower bed design

The main idea of the life of usual resident of the big city is the constant everyday movement. But we have to admit the fact that very often everyone had the idea just simply sit down in the yard of the private house and just take pleasure in the pacification of the nature. The greenhouse or small plot of land is exactly what we all need for such kind of rest. Small flower garden in the suburban area is a perfect match for such kind of rest. The arrangement of the flower bed in the open space area sounds so […]

The aphids as the pests in the greenhouses

Features of aphids propagation in greenhouses The microclimate in the greenhouses are ideal for the crops propagation due to the formation of the medium with the high temperature and the optimum level of humidity within the greenhouse construction. However the same conditions contribute to the active vital activity of many species of harmful insects. The one of the most common types is aphid greenhouse pests.

Building greenhouse on your country plot

Choosing and building greenhouse for growing vegetables and greens We bet that almost every gardener at least once thought about building greenhouse. If there is free place on the property of your country house then you should do it. Professional installers can build your greenhouse fast and quick and install it on the area. In other case you can build a greenhouse by your own hands.

How to choose a ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit

How to choose greenhouse Choosing ClimaPod high quality greenhouse kits for extended season & year-round gardening ClimaPod offers several heavy-duty greenhouse options for any gardener and grower to choose from. Regardless of its intended application, whether it’s hobby or commercial, you can always find the perfect ClimaPod greenhouse kit that fits your needs in size, strength and preferred accessories. So, how to choose greenhouse kit for gardening or flowering?  All of our kits include everything needed for the assembly:

How to choose the proper greenhouse ventilation fan

Greenhouse ventilation in winter and summer

The greenhouse ventilation can be of two kinds: The first type is natural ventilation which is the natural circulation of the air due to open doors and windows. The second type of the ventilation is forced ventilation which is the artificial movement of the air masses by means of various devices which is the fan in our case.

How to organize bottle watering system in the greenhouse Part 1

The gardeners invented many ways to water plants. You can water from a hose in rows using sprinklers or use drip irrigation – bottle watering system. All these ways can be united by the fact that the main material that gardeners use is ordinary plastic cans or bottles. This kind of handy material should be present on every household. In addition to all the characteristics of this material we can just add that this material is quite versatile and useful.

Designing the country plot

Here are some tips of designing country plot or designing country gardens. The process of the greenhouse designing can be easily compared to the science that can evolve every next year. In addition to all the design of the greenhouse is also the art. That means that we do not just follow certain rules according to the science but also create beautiful and cozy suburban “nest” where it is very nice to take the rest from the noises of the city. Your deep desire to refine the newly acquired piece of the land is understandable but however our suggest is […]

Design styles of suburban area

So you are the owner of your property and you can design it using your own imagination without adhering to any kind of style. But you do not want your property to look like the fairground or the disorderly heap of all sorts of attributes. That is why let’s get acquainted with the three main styles of suburban area designing.

How to choose pumping system

Read first: What are the water pumps for watering the garden How to choose water pump for irrigation Okay, how to choose water pump for irrigation in garden or greenhouse? The first thing that we would like to advise you is to consult with the seller in the store or with the garden technician. Before you will understand which type of the pump to choose you have to analyze the source of water with you will be pumping from. There are different kinds of surface devices that can be used for the well, pond or drip irrigation.

What are the water pumps for watering the garden

The watering process is the most important matter of garden care. You should pay special attention to this kind of work at your garden land. There are various irrigation systems which effectively and consistently supply with the water resource your garden property. The pump for watering process of your garden is the best invention that can help to solve many vegetable growing problems. In this topic we will look at the different types of pump systems and will try to decide which water pump for garden better to choose.

The arugula – Eruca sativa

Useful health properties of arugula vegetables A lot of gardeners and scientists consider that the Arugula vegetable (Eruca sativa) is obtained by more and more popularity as for today. This kind of plant is from the family of cruciferous. Many people ask the question about what exactly Arugula has earned to be such popular nowadays? The answer for this question is quite simple!

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 4

Let’s speak about the greenhouse vegetable growing and harvest dependence of environmental factors. Article number four is about vegetable nutrition… The mode of nutrition of vegetable The insufficient amount of manganese and boron leads to following problems: the violation of fruiting, the crumble of ovary, the decrease of the harvest of fruits and seeds. The copper increase the following processes as: exchange of carbohydrates in the plant and the intensity of breathing.

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 3

Let’s speak about thegrowing vegetables in greenhouse and harvest dependence of environmental factors. The watering regime of greenhouse growing Most of the vegetables contain a large amount of water. The level of water element in the vegetables can be up to 95% and that’s why almost every vegetable need the resources of groundwater for the formation of the good harvest.

Winter greenhouse as a business idea

Greenhouse business? As business idea to be the owner of the winter greenhouse is an excellent option for those people who want to earn on growing plants. Eventually the very first step in this business should be the construction of the building of the greenhouse. Since recently more and more people want to eat only healthy organic food. The process of growing of the organic vegetables during the cold season is an excellent way to earn good money.

Main tips for pruning trees during the winter

It just seems that the garden almost does not cause troubles. In fact you need to take care of trees paying attention on such kind of things like protection against pests, shelter from frosts during cold days or the forming of the crown in correct way. This all is the reason why you have to do the process of pruning trees.

Greenhouse cover material

Cover materials of the greenhouses Does greenhouse cover material matters? When the construction of the greenhouse building is in process the most important question comes up: “How to choose the material of the building?”. Do not forget that the cost of materials for the greenhouse should be calculated taking into the consideration that the business of growing the vegetables will be taking place during the winter period. So the material for construction of the greenhouse building should be chosen according to the season. The most popular options are: glass, polyethylene and polycarbonate.

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 2

Climapod vegetable Greenhouse Kits are great for conservatory, flowering and plants cultivating. We published a series of articles with useful tips about growing vegetables in the greenhouses to ensure that your crop of vegetables were much more abundant. Previous Article The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the greenhouse The light and air-gas mode in vegetable greenhouse kits When the day changes the night according to the season all plants and vegetables have the ability to adjust the developed reaction to these changes. The initial reaction called photoperiodism.

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 1

Let’s speak about the vegetable harvest in greenhouse dependence of environmental factors. The following characteristics such as growth, development and as a result the productivity of the vegetable crops depend on the factors that are surrounding the plant other words it is the nature environment. The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the vegetable greenhouse

Greenhouse growing under lights

One of the many reasons for building a greenhouse is to extend the growing season. Incorporating grow light into your greenhouse is an important component that will help you do exactly that. But, if you want to garden under lights, there are several considerations you should mull over before making your purchases.

January Greenhouse To Do List

January in the greenhouse Most people consider January a dormant time in the greenhouse. If you have already minimized your heat loss, you have already insulated the heck out of them, the weather stripping, all the bubble wrap in the paneling and the foam insulation, the two inch foam insulation where they have reflective coating on them. If you have already done all that, what else can we do? Well, we can add some heat sinks. Those are ideal because they work the best with barrels, black steel drums filled with water all along the north side, and maybe holding […]

Greenhouse humidity: Microclimate in the greenhouse Part 3

Microclimate in the greenhouse – humidity and air environment Relative humidity in greenhouse (also called greenhouse humidity) and greenhouse air environment are the most important components of the microclimate in the greenhouse. In the previous article devoted to the microclimate theme of the greenhouse and its components we gave a brief overview of the first two main components of the microclimate in a greenhouse room. They are the incoming light inside the greenhouse and the temperature ranges in the room.

Greenhouse temperature: Microclimate in the greenhouse Part 2

The temperature in the greenhouse The greenhouse temperature is the other element of the microclimate that can be adjusted in the greenhouse environment. Typically the temperature in the greenhouse is referring to the average temperature inside the greenhouse structure. However it is worth remembering that in fact the temperature in different parts of the greenhouse design will differ. Even under the same influence of external conditions and under the influence of the same heat sources. In addition it should also be taken into consideration that even the indoors heat never stands still. That’s happening because the air constantly circulates according […]

Greenhouse illumination: Microclimate in the greenhouse Part 1

The level of the illumination and the temperature in the greenhouse There are two main components of the microclimate inside the greenhouse which are the greenhouse illumination level and the greenhouse temperature. The microclimate is a set of climatic conditions which are usual for the specific region but in our case the microclimate should be created inside the greenhouse. The microclimate is formed due to the influence of a number of physical phenomena. We would like to underline the most important physical phenomena for the functioning of greenhouses. There are the light, the ambient temperature, the relative humidity and the air […]

The ventilation of the greenhouse in winter

Ventilation of the greenhouse construction in winter season   Regular ventilation of the greenhouse is quite important procedure at any time of the year whether it is hot summer or cold winter. However each of you will ask simple and natural question about necessity of airing the greenhouse in the autumn-winter period. Since the entry of a cold winter air into the greenhouse negates all the attempts to maintain a constant temperature in the greenhouse in winter period. This became even more critical if you use the so-called “cold greenhouse” which is basically the greenhouse without heating where certain crops […]

The heating process of the greenhouses during winter period

The last generation of greenhouse heating systems during winter season The greenhouse will have high value if it has heating system as a part of growing system. Greenhouse heating system allows you to get early grown vegetables and greens and you will receive obvious benefits from growing process. Of course, the heating of the greenhouse requires some of the investments but it should be justified.

Unusual greenhouse usage ideas

Examples of unusual greenhouse usage It is common knowledge that the main purpose of usage the greenhouse construction is the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. But not everyone knows that the potential of using the things around us is not at all limited with one function of the thing. If you have good developed imagination it is simple to find an alternative usage for a particular object.

How to choose polycarbonate for the greenhouses

How to choose good quality of polycarbonate material for greenhouses Due to the fact that there are a lot of offers on the market the main questions come up: what kind of material to buy; how much to pay to get quality for reasonable money. We will try to help to answer all the questions and understand all the details.

Organic fertilizers for greenhouses: coffee

The use of organic natural fertilizers for growing plants in cottage greenhouses Coffee grounds The organic fertilizers for greenhouses received from the natural components without using services of the chemical industry have always been in demand among fans of horticulture growing crops who do not want to expose their plants to an additional risk of chemical fertilizers which are not always safe for plants or for humans.

Heating of the soil in greenhouses

The main ways of heating the soil in the greenhouse and its features The main purpose of heating the soil in the greenhouse is to grow different crops irrespective to the time of the year. Either to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and greens all time around the year or receive income from sale of grown plants. If you want to be able to grow your favorite parsley, cucumber or tomatoes even in the most severe frosts you need to have ideal microclimate that can be achieved by heating the soil.

Accessories and tools for greenhouses

Greenhouse equipment – the basic minimum of tools The erection of greenhouse construction is only the first step in the matter of agricultural greenhouse cultivation of orchard and horticultural crops. In addition to the actual greenhouse you will need a fairly extensive greenhouse inventory: things and devices, without which the effectiveness of growing vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse will be significantly lower than with the help of them.

Options for warming up the greenhouse

The heating process of the greenhouses can be natural and artificial. Natural heating is suitable for a warm time that starts in March. The space for the greenhouse should be selected carefully so that the sun’s rays penetrate the walls from all sides creating a greenhouse warming effect. But no one can protect the horticulturist and plants from unexpected frosts. That is the main reason why the heating system should be installed inside the greenhouse.

Heating of greenhouses

The greenhouses give the wonderful harvest when the weather warm and sunny. They are used in the spring, summer and autumn time. Greenhouse can give much more harvest and benefit if you will setup the heating system inside. As an addition in order for plants to grow and develop in a normal rhythm you have to keep the temperature on the constant level and control it. The temperature level depends on how much the plants are heat-loving. But in winter all of the plants will not survive without additional heating. There are the specific details in the heating process of […]

Growing vegetables and plants in greenhouse during winter period

Heating process of the greenhouses in winter and growing plants and vegetables during cold period of the year The greenhouse on the property of your house will bring you a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits during any time of the year and will fill your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, this is a good idea for successful business because organic products from private traders had always more value than products that was produced in factory. But when the cold weather come owners of greenhouses need to follow the specific rules and advices related the process of […]

The right way to care of the greenhouse

Polycarbonate is the best option to use for your country house greenhouse. Do you know how to care about your polycarbonate greenhouse?

The right location of the greenhouse on the land

Main tips of how the greenhouse should be located the correct way Before erecting greenhouse the future owner should ask the first question about construction is where exactly the greenhouse should be located.

How does the greenhouse work?

The mechanism and the physical principles of the greenhouse function Wouldn’t you agree that it makes no sense to look into buying a system without having an idea how it works (at least on the basic level)? By learning and understanding the principle of the greenhouse, you will be able to use its full capability and get the maximum benefits from it. The most simple homemade plastic film greenhouses or complex industrial greenhouses – they all function on the basis of the same basic principles.

Summer greenhouse: What should I grow in it?

In late spring, when the earth has warmed up enough, almost any gardener might say that it is common to plant the seedlings into the open ground in your yard. Some people say that you can forget about your greenhouse until it gets cold. We say – don’t be in a big rush. The key feature of the greenhouse is that it can and has to be used year-round. The main thing is to correctly use the summer greenhouse and create an optimal micro-climate for your plants.

Going organic – or not?

Organic vs. GMO During the last couple of decades consumers all over the world have been enjoying the widest variety of foods, both organic and those cultivated with the help of biotechnology. Simultaneously, there’s been a huge debate concerning the consumption of genetically modified foods. Some activists even drew parallels between eating the results of biotechnological progress and, literally, poisoning oneselves for there were deaths recorded from GM, near-deaths and increased amount of food allergies caused by this kind of products.

Why a greenhouse is something every home gardener should have?

Being driven by concerns about the food they eat, the money they spend on that food and the health they have after consuming what they bought in the neighboring supermarket, many Americans decided to get back to their roots and started small home gardens.

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