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ClimaPod Virtue Passion Grennhouse Kit

Winter greenhouse is a great way to increase the yield of your plot. Сlimapod Greenhouses of aluminum and polycarbonate surpass other similar products in their characteristics and prices.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are more reliable and more profitable than glass or film sheld. High-quality polycarbonate, which we use in ClimaPod Greenhouse Kits have UV-protection. Therefore, it does not become muddy, crack or collapse under the sunlight. And your plants are protected from the hard solar spectrum.

When designing greenhouses, high requirements for durability were imposed. You can choose greenhouse kit series with polycarbonate thickness of 6 or 8 mm. Usually 8 mm thick walls are used for the construction of greenhouses in cold areas. Also this thickness is enough to build a winter greenhouse for year-round cultivation.

ClimaPod Greenhouse in winter

Our greenhouses perfectly retain heat inside even in winter, therefore they are suitable for growing vegetables all year round.

The 6 mm thick roof can withstand up to 12 inches of snow without destroying polycarbonate, as well as hail of medium size. This strength is enough for your greenhouse to be assembled in an open area for all winter. But we recommend to look after the greenhouse in the winter and to avoid the accumulation of a large amount of snow on the roof. Moreover, many gardeners recommend putting snow inside the greenhouse. When it becomes warm, the snow will melt and moisten the soil for your plants.

The plants in the winter greenhouse made of polycarbonate feels pretty cozy. To grow plants in the winter in a greenhouse, you must install a heating system to maintain the air temperature above 12 degrees Celsius.

climapod passion 9x14 winter greenhouse 2019
climapod passion winter greenhouse 2019
climapod greenhouse under the snow
climapod passion 9x14 winter greenhouse 2019