Climapod HOBBY Greenhouse 9’x12′ With 4-mm Polycarbonate

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ClimaPod Hobby Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame.

  • Extremely heavy duty construction: thick aluminum profiles & 4 MM polycarbonate panels.
  • Sliding doors with magnetic locker.
  • Average Assembly: 2-3 people, 1-2 days (involving more people make it easier and reduce assembly time).
  • The durable roof can hold over 12″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12″).
  • Warranty: 10 years.
Hobby Kit Packages

Hobby Starter Kit, Hobby Upgraded Kit, Hobby Complete Kit

Product Name

Hobby Greenhouse



Product Length


Product Width


Product Height



Complete Kit – 236 lbs, Starter Kit – 184 lbs, Upgraded Kit – 203 lbs

Total Sq. Ft.

104 sq. ft.


Aluminium Framing, Twin Wall 4mm Polycarbonate Panels

Assembly Requirements

2-3 people = 12-24 hrs

Number of Doors

1 Set of Double Sliding Doors with Magnetic Lock

Snow Load

12-16 in. (remove snow loads over 12 in.)

R/K Value



10 Years

Return Policy

20% restocking fee, Customer pays freight, Within 14 days

2 reviews for Climapod HOBBY Greenhouse 9’x12′ With 4-mm Polycarbonate

  1. Jay

    Impressed with the quality and strength! As my brother and brother in law helped me assemble it they commented on its durability. The pieces fit well together. The only suggestion I have is when you assemble the back make sure the top section panels are started aligned. Very pleased with this purchase! The guys in Issaquah, WA were very helpful, and available, if needing help in the assembly.

  2. Customer

    I ordered a greenhouse in December, while there were discounts. My neighbors have had such a greenhouse for 5 years already, they are satisfied with it. I will install my greenhouse as soon as the snow melts. After using the first season, I will write an additional review. But I’m sure everything will be fine

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8’9” x 11’11” x 7’11”  CLIMAPOD Hobby Greenhouse 

CLIMAPOD Hobby Greenhouse is European style greenhouse that is made of the safest & strongest transparent 4 mm polycarbonate. CLIMAPOD Greenhouse is perfect for growing organic produce, but it can also be used for a wide range of activities, including gardening/flowering, child’s playroom, art or music studio, sun room, and as a lounge/exercise room and etc.

 4 MM UV Coated twin walls
 6 MM UV Coated twin walls
 Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
 Aluminum Base
 4 Roof Windows
 4 Manual Window Openers 
 4 Automatic Window Openers 
 2 Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans
 Full Size 2-Tier Aluminum Shelving
(top & bottom shelves, for one side only)


Hanging Clips

Any purchased ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit includes a free set of Hanging Clips (50 pcs).
Our hangers are very easy to install and can be used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to:

  • hanging small plant pots and flower baskets
  • securing irrigation/misting hoses, cords, grow lights, and shade cloths
  • helping organize and maximize use of greenhouse space
  • decorating/customizing greenhouse to your preference

Simply insert into the roof channel and twist for secure installation. Installed in the slots after the greenhouse is built. You can add or remove them or slide them up or down at any time.

Upgraded Kit Additional Accessories

This kit makes working in your greenhouse a little more comfortable. If you decide to complete your greenhouse later, you can order any additional accessories from our store.


Complete Kit Additional Accessories

This is the maximum configuration of ClimaPod Greenhouse to obtain the best result. It allows you to effectively use all the space, as well as to simplify the maintenance of the microclimate inside.


ClimaPod Hobby Greenhouse Kit Blueprints


Climapod Hobby Greenhouuse Kit 9x12 Dimensions Blueprint

Climapod Hobby Greenhouuse Kit 9×12 Dimensions


Top 8 ClimaPod Greenhouse Kits Benefits

Best Value

highest quality product at the best price in our niche

High Quality Insert-in Bolted Connections

insert-in panels and bolted tightening structure assembly no self-tapping or puncture through assembly that could compromise structure’s integrity

Heavy Snow Load

heavy duty frames and glazing panels hold over 15 in of snow unique shape makes it very easy to remove larger snow loads

Reliable UV Protection and Insulation

twin-wall polycarbonate provides protection against UV-rays and a great insulation for a potential year-around gardening with minimal heating

Tear-Drop & Arched Design Shapes

unique design options provide maximum strength and weather resistance and of course, a beautiful structure for your property

10 Year Warranty

we offer best warranty in greenhouse market

Length Extension

all ClimaPod series can be extended up to 70 ft buy one size now, add extensions whenever needed

Maintenance Free

spend the time on your garden with minimal maintenance needed for your greenhouse

High Wind Resistance

frame design that provides resistance to high winds

Perfect Light Diffusion

supplied premium double wall polycarbonate provides perfect sun light diffusion which supports your plants growth


Customer Reviews


Barb B.

We live in Alaska. Last fall my husband built a ClimaPod greenhouse. It’s done really well in our 80+ MPH wind storms. That being said he really knows what he’s doing abt securing it. We’ve had a cold winter this year (not your kind of cold) and all is well. Done great with snow.


Michelle B.

We put up a 9×14 Climapod this autumn. It is beautiful and has had no problems with high winds. Am growing all winter in it (unheated).


Liberty P.

I have a Climapod and have been super happy with it, zone 8B.

Background and Information:

  • CLIMAPOD Hobby is designed to be used in multiple ways: to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers all the yearlong; as lounge room or a tea house; as children playroom; as pool cover or exercise room!
  • While other use Polygal or GE glazing CLIMAPOD Hobby uses twin-wall polycarbonate that’s a Superior quality!
  • With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the Hobby is by far one of the strongest greenhouse under $2,000.
  • Relax and enjoy. The greenhouse is a perfect place for a little quiet meditation.