Hanging Clips 50 pcs – Set of Plant Hangers for Greenhouse

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Hanging Clips can be used to support crops, lightweight plants as well as hook up variety of accessories to support your greenhouse gardening.

Our greenhouse plant hangers are compatible with fitting most greenhouse brands and are very easy to install. Simply insert hanger into the frame channel and twist to secure. Installed in the slots-channels after the greenhouse is built. You can add or remove them or slide them up or down at your preference at any time.

Each set include x50 hanger clips.

Hanging Clips Features

  • Easy to Install
  • Multi-use Accessory
  • Maximize Space
  • High Quality


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Easy to Install

greenhouse plant hanging clips

The plastic hanger is easy to install into the rail slots (channels) on your greenhouse frames.

Widely Used

The multipurpose plant hangers can be used to install a shade kit or string up your vegetables in your Greenhouses. They can also be used to hang small flower baskets or pots.

Maximize Space

Take full advantage of the space of your greenhouse effectively and lively. Use the plant hangers to create your use of the unused space.

High Quality

The hangers are made of high-quality polypropylene which is sturdy and can be used with confidence. Each hanger can hold over 25 lbs allowing hanging your pots and flower baskets, even after watering.

Product Size

The single plant hanger approximately length x width: 3 x 2 cm/1.2 x0.8 inches. The plant hanger top installation part about 0.2in/0.5cm width.