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How to choose greenhouse

Choosing ClimaPod high quality greenhouse kits for extended season & year-round gardening

How to choose ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit Size

How to choose ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit Size

ClimaPod offers several heavy-duty greenhouse options for any gardener and grower to choose from. Regardless of its intended application, whether it’s hobby or commercial, you can always find the perfect ClimaPod greenhouse kit that fits your needs in size, strength and preferred accessories. So, how to choose greenhouse kit for gardening or flowering?  All of our kits include everything needed for the assembly:

  • detailed instructions,
  • marked frame profiles,
  • polycarbonate panels,
  • doors,
  • vents,
  • and windows.

Additional accessories can be purchased separately, or you can always get much better value by choosing one of our Upgraded or Complete kits.

On average, the greenhouse can be assembled by 2-3 people in 2-3 days. If you have more experience with DYI projects or get more people involved, you might be able to finish assembling the greenhouse a lot faster. Note, that ClimaPod offers assembly consulting, and in case you may need any advice or suggestions before or during assembly, you are more than welcome to reach out to our customer service department at any time.

Garden greenhouse kits, different sizes – multiple applications

ClimaPod’s greenhouses of smaller size are ideal for use as small conservatory, hothouse, for gardening or flowering during cold winter months, seed starters in spring, as well as many other applications. Smaller size greenhouse is perfect if you are a beginner grower, or if you can only spend a little bit of time gardening.

Greenhouses are not only used for extending growing season during cold time but also help create favorable microclimate for exotic plants and protect them from various pests.

ClimaPod’s medium size greenhouse kits are not only purchased by novice gardener, but also by those farmers and gardeners who already have some experience in upkeeping their gardens. People selecting medium size greenhouses prefer having extra room for their plants, they also appreciate and value the durability of the structure, especially in regions with prevailing cold winters.

Our large & long greenhouse units are popular amongst commercial gardeners and professional growers as well as growing enthusiasts. Multiple applications include, but are not limited to, supplying local communities with fresh produce and flowers, providing food for you and your family etc. Our Big ClimaPod Greenhouses are suitable for many other uses besides general gardening or growing. Some of our buyers mentioned using their ClimaPods as a conservatory, a winter garden, pool/spa or relaxation room, fitness or meditation room, storage room, and even an outside office.

Besides standard greenhouse sets we are always happy to quote you for extended length ClimaPods upon request.
Our kits can be extended up to 84’ in length. If you a ClimaPod owner, you can add extension sets to your existing greenhouse and enjoy much larger harvest every season.

Comparison of Climapod Greenhouses Series small

width 8’9” 8’9” 6’9” 8’9”
length 14’3” 14’3” 11’11” 11’11”
height 7’11” 7’11” 7’2” 7’11”
total area ( sq.ft) 124 124 80 104
Polycarbonate sheet thickness (mm.) 6 4 6 4
Number of windows on the roof 4 4 4 4
Add-on Options
Manual Window Openers
Automatic Window Openers        
Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans 2x 2x 2x 2x
Full Size Two-Tier Aluminium Shelving
Starter kit 2449 2149 1899 1899
Upgraded kit 2799 2499 2199 2199
Complete kit 3499 3099 2799 2799

Do you still have questions about how to choose greenhose? Please, feel free to contact us!


Table of prices and sizes will help you to choose a greenhouse

6MM Virtue & 4MM Passion Greenhouse Series
Available Kit Options & What’s Included
Accessories Package Option STARTER UPGRADED COMPLETE
Size (W’ x L’) 9×12 9×14 9×21 9×28 9×35 9×42 9×12 9×14 9×21 9×28 9×35 9×42 9×12 9×14 9×21 9×28 9×35 9×42
UV Coated Twin-wall Polycabonate