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Expand Your Schools Educational Program!

ClimaPod is your source for educational greenhouse gardening. Here at ClimaPod we recognize just how important it is for the youth of today to get a well rounded education which is why we strive to help schools and educational programs of all levels develop a greenhouse gardening program.  Greenhouse education is an excellent way to increase STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and get young students exposure to potential agricultural career paths. Weather your school already has a gardening program or you are looking to introduce one for the first time, a greenhouse will allow you to garden year round, maximizing your students learning opportunities.

Among several other life development skills, studies show that teaching gardening in school programs has been found to enhance students sense of:

  • Ownership
  • Responsibility
  • Learning (Hands-On)
  • Communication & Cooperation

Additionally, studies have also found that some of the other benefits to greenhouse gardening are that kids and teens get exposure to:

  • Agriculture & horticulture
  • Healthy eating and living
  • Development of work skills
  • Environmental sciences
  • …and so much more!

Why Choose ClimaPod for Your Schools Greenhouse Project?

Plant, Grow and Harvest During the School Year:
With a ClimaPod greenhouse you can garden all year round! This gives students the opportunity to learn about and observe each of the different stages in the gardening process from start to finish.

Long Lasting Construction:
Europe’s standards are higher than those in the US, and the TUV Europe testing lab which is equivalent to UL has tested the ClimaPod greenhouse and certified it as being strong and safe. The incredible strength of the greenhouse comes from its excellent engineering and the high quality of the plastics and aluminum used.

Polycarbonate Panels:
Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. It is a great advantage in comparison to a glass greenhouse, considering their longevity as well as their safety, which is especially crucial when younger children are involved.

Weather Resistant:
ClimaPod greenhouses are built to last! Customers have reported their units have withstood wind gusts over 70 mph without damage. Even in very bad windstorms, based on reports we received in nearly 10 years of selling ClimaPod greenhouses, the worst that can happen to your greenhouse is that some of the polycarbonate panels are blown out which are very easy to replace. When it comes to snow, our greenhouse roofs have a load capacity of roughly 50 pounds per square foot, or about 12 – 15 inches of snow depending on the model. Additionally, our kits are made with rust resistant aluminum framing and all of the steel hardware parts are galvanized.

Easy Maintenance:
Caring for your ClimaPod greenhouse is easy as you don’t need any kind of special cleaners. Simply use a mild detergent solution and rinse with cold, clean water.

Selecting the Right Greenhouse for Your School:

We carry a range of different size greenhouses so that you can choose the one that is right for your schools program. You can view all of our greenhouse models by clicking here, but below are some of our top recommendations if you’re looking for something to accommodate several students at once.

  • ClimaPod Virtue XL – Our Virtue XL model is also 9′ wide and comes in 28′, 35′ and 42′ lengths, but comes with thicker 6 MM UV Coated twin-wall polycarbonate panels making it the more ideal option for schools located in areas with higher chances of heavy winds or snow.
  • ClimaPod Passion XL – Our Passion XL model is 9′ wide and comes in 28′, 35′ and 42′ lengths. This model includes 4 MM UV Coated twin-wall polycarbonate panels making it a quality option for more mild climates.
  • ClimaPod Spirit XL – Our Spirit XL model is 7′ wide and comes in 28′, 35′ and 42′ lengths and also includes thicker 6 MM UV Coated twin-wall polycarbonate panels for more weather resistance. This model is a great alternative to our Passion and Virtue models if you have a little bit more narrow of a space to work with.
ClimaPod Virtue XL ClimaPod Passion XL ClimaPod Spirit XL

Suggested Greenhouse Accessories:

The following accessories are some additional recommendations that may be beneficial for your schools educational greenhouse.

  • Extra Sliding Doors – We offer Extra Sliding Doors for the ClimaPod Virtue as well as the ClimaPod Spirit greenhouse models. Installing an extra set of doors at the back of the greenhouse will allow students to easily enter and exit from both sides and can be a great solution if you’re rotating students through different sections within the greenhouse.
  • ClimaPod Storm Kit – If you’re school is located in an area with more extreme weather conditions, we highly recommend getting a ClimaPod storm kit to help reinforce and secure the overall strength of the greenhouse during severe weather conditions.

When you buy a ClimaPod greenhouse we have three different kit options that allow you to choose which accessories you would like for your greenhouse. Our Complete kits come with all the bells and whistles and not only offer a great solution for maximizing the efficiency of your greenhouse, but they can also provide additional learning opportunities for students as they learn about things such as temperature control, solar energy, ventilation and more.

  • Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans: Apart from the ventilation it provides, the fan will also allow you to control the temperature inside the greenhouse, even when you’re not at home.
  • Automatic Window Openers: To help prevent your greenhouse from overheating, ClimaPod offers automatic window openers that will open and close windows according to changing temperature, making sure your plants are always safe and comfortable every time the weather changes even when you’re not there
  • Louvers: Due to its specific low level position, the louver lets cold air masses enter the greenhouse, meanwhile warm air can escape via roof fans, securing optimal wind circulation and avoiding excessive temperatures for your plants.
  • 2-Tier Shelving: Made from durable aluminum, our shelving units are designed to give you more space to grow and offer a comfortable and safe environment for growing in your greenhouse.

Educator Grants:

For educational institutions that may need some financial assistance with a potential greenhouse gardening program for their school, below we’ve provided a few links to resources that offer additional information on grant funding.

Please Contact Us:

We understand that purchasing a greenhouse is a big decision to make for your school and we’re here to help! If you’re needing assistance or have questions about any of our ClimaPod greenhouse kits please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team by calling us at +1 (360) 674-2642 or emailing and we’ll have one of our greenhouse specialists assist you.