Climapod PASSION 9×14 & 9×21 Greenhouse Series With 4-mm Polycarbonate

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ClimaPod Passion Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame.

  • Extremely heavy duty construction: thick aluminum profiles & 4 MM polycarbonate panels.
  • Sliding door with magnetic key locker.
  • The durable roof can hold over 12″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12 in.).
  • Warranty: 10 years.
Dimensions N/A
Product Name

Passion Greenhouse



Greenhouse Size

9×14, 9×21

Greenhouse Width


Greenhouse Height



Complete Kit – 262 lbs, Starter Kit – 195 lbs, Upgraded Kit – 214 lbs

Total Sq. Ft.

124 sq. ft.


Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing, Twin Wall 4 MM Polycarbonate Panels

Number of Doors

1 Set of Double Sliding Doors with Magnetic Locker

Snow Load

12-16 in. (remove snow loads over 12 in.)

R/K Value



10 Years

Passion Kit Package Options

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7 reviews for Climapod PASSION 9×14 & 9×21 Greenhouse Series With 4-mm Polycarbonate

  1. Jen

    We love our 28′ greenhouse! We purchased two passion kits and connected them together. Guys at climatepod were very helpful, and gave us a lot of tips on the best way of connecting two kits. Totally recommend it!

  2. Richard Cullison

    I bought the 9×14 greenhouse last year complete with shelves, solar exhaust fans, and hydraulic window lifts. It was great the first year. We only lost a couple plants up close to the doors. This year our children have brought their outdoor plants over, so I’m looking at getting another one to match. Harder to put together than I first anticipated, but I forget about that in the winter when the plants are thriving. it is nice to be inside smelling plants when the freezing rain is coming down. I love it.

  3. Customer

    3 years ago I bought a polycarbonate greenhouse with four windows and sliding doors. The greenhouse is very spacious and beautiful. Vegetables ripen earlier than those of the neighbors and delight us until late autumn. I’m thinking of buying another greenhouse in the future.

  4. Customer

    We ordered a greenhouse for growing vegetables. At first, we chose the coating option: cellular polycarbonate or glass. Glass looks more attractive in appearance, but the preference was made towards modern material. Cellular polycarbonate retains heat better, and in our latitudes severe frosts are not uncommon. Therefore, in the end, we chose the Climapod Greenhouse kit. We assembled it on our own, there is nothing complicated in assembling. While satisfied with the use, we are waiting for the first harvest.

  5. Customer

    Reliable and easy to assemble
    Assembled by myself, it took me three days to assemble. The instructions are very accessible. Didn’t put up any supports. As a result, it overwintered perfectly, so far everything is fine.

  6. Customer

    After 2 years, it looks like new and continues to delight with the harvest. We grow cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and flowers a little. I am grateful to the support managers for being able to patiently explain everything and help me choose the right model. I told why greenhouses are needed, the size of the plot, how much space I can allocate for them. In general, I am satisfied with everything, thank you Climapod!

  7. Eva D.

    ClimaPod makes fantastic and affordable greenhouses. The quality is spectacular and the customer service is excellent. We had great success using a referral contractor to install our greenhouse but I have also heard from other customers that they are easy to put together. I love looking in my backyard and seeing our ClimaPod and am already enjoying using it for my vegetable garden, hanging plants, and flowers. I would highly recommend ClimaPod products for anyone looking for a durable, economical greenhouse with a great customer service center.

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ClimaPod Passion Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening, flowering or vegetabling with rust resistant aluminum frame. CLIMAPOD Passion Greenhouse is European style greenhouse that is made of the safest & strongest transparent 4 mm polycarbonate. CLIMAPOD Greenhouse is perfect for growing organic produce, but it can also be used for a wide range of activities, including gardening/flowering, child’s playroom, art or music studio, sun room, and as a lounge/exercise room and etc.

8’9” x 14’3” x 7’11”  CLIMAPOD Passion Greenhouse

4 MM UV Coated Twin-wall Polycarbonate
6 MM UV Coated Twin-wall Polycarbonate
 Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing
 Aluminum Base 
 Roof Windows
 Manual Window Openers 
 Automatic Window Openers 
 Solar Powered Thermostatic Fans
2-Tier Full Length Aluminum Shelving Set (top 13” & bottom 25” deep shelves, for one side only)


Upgraded Kit Additional Accessories

This kit makes working in your greenhouse a little more comfortable. If you decide to complete your greenhouse later, you can order any additional accessories from our store.


Complete Kit Additional Accessories

This is the maximum configuration of ClimaPod Greenhouse to obtain the best result. It allows you to effectively use all the space, as well as to simplify the maintenance of the microclimate inside.

Background and Information:

  • CLIMAPOD Passion is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable all in one
  • While other use Polygal or GE glazing CLIMAPOD Virtue uses twin-wall polycarbonate that’s a Superior quality!
  • With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the Passion Series is by far one of the strongest greenhouses for it’s value.
  • Guaranteed best value on the market!


Shipping Measurements

Box # Item Weight (lb.) Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.)
1 Bottom Shelf 32 85 4 6
2 Top Shelf 16 85 4 4
3 Curved Frame 38 112 4 5
4 Base 29 175 5 3
5 Frame 55 175 9 4
6 Panels 73 88 28 4
7 Accessories 19 36 13 7
Total Weight 262