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Many buyers thanks us after buying greenhouses. We published the most detailed reviews and greenhouses testimonials here.

And here you can see the newest photos from our happy ClimaPod customers in 2020!


Greenhouses testimonials from our customers



It’s November, very rainy day. But I good news to share – my greenhouse is up! I’m super happy about it, it looks great, it’s 9×14 feet.
It’s a lot better than having to bring the plants indoors… keeps the wife happy.

Greenhouses testimonials from Ben B.

January 1st,  winter storm in Seattle. ClimaPod Greenhouse is doing its job by keeping majority of the plants from frosting with no additional heat support! This is pretty rare for us to get snow here in Seattle but occasionally it does happen.
I’m definitely glad that I got my greenhouse this year because I get the extra protection here for my figs.

Ben B.

This is by far the best greenhouse on the market! ClimaPod assembly is quite the engineering marvel! Very well thought out, and amazing how each piece slides into the other to become an overall strong structure!

Greenhouses testimonials from Carol R.

9х21 is a perfect size for us. Now we have squash 2 kinds, zucchini n yellow neck, 6 tomato plants of different varieties, beets, carrots, broccoli that I’ve already harvested n frozen up, 3 times around with radishes, 4 cucumbers, 3 varieties of peppers. And all the lettuce. Plus my flowers. It’s done very well.
Ohh forgot my candy onions!! That lil house is loaded with veggies. Ohh and spinach in the center isle! That had gone crazy. I’ve given bags of spinach away.

Tena Brune

I bought the 9×14 greenhouse last year complete with shelves, solar exhaust fans, and hydraulic window lifts. It was great the first year. We only lost a couple plants up close to the doors. This year our children have brought their outdoor plants over, so I’m looking at getting another one to match. Harder to put together than I first anticipated, but I forget about that in the winter when the plants are thriving. it is nice to be inside smelling plants when the freezing rain is coming down. I love it.

Richard C.

Best buy we found! Don't hesitate

Very satisfied with quality of my ClimaPod, definitely recommend it!

Jun K.

Climapod greenhouse testimonials
High-Quality Greenhouse: ClimaPod Greenhouses Testimonials

High-Quality Greenhouse

We purchased the greenhouse in Mayafter extensive research on what was available out there. The greenhouse is in northeast WA and withstood over 70 mile an hour winds over 2 days without any damage. It also held up fine with quite a bit of snowfall and extremely cold temps. I did remove the snow from the roof, as needed. Due to an unexpected illness, we needed to have the greenhouse assembled and the folks at Climapod arranged all of that for us. I have had a few questions about moving shelves and e-mail response is quick and always helpful. With a small radiant heater, I began using the greenhouse in March this year and started many flowers for my yard and peas are beginning to flower. We added grow boxes to the floor and were pleased to have an extremely long season of vegetables and mini melons. I recommend this product highly.

Cynthia A.

Mike Fedotov climapod testimonials

Could not be happier with this product!

I absolutely recommend this greenhouse. It’s always a challenge to buy unique things online and not knowing what kind of quality (most of the time.. junk) you will get. The quality of this greenhouse is great! Everything fits as it should. No missing parts (I have built three greenhouses now and this has been the first without missing parts) and very good instructions to follow.

Mike F.

... one of these for two years and are very pleased overall. Setting up was a little tricky at ...

We have owned one of these for two years and are very pleased overall. Setting up was a little tricky at first, but went smoothly. One tip we discovered is to use large suction cups, usually used for tile, to install the panels. We did a lot of research prior to purchase and decided to go with the Climapod. It is an excellent small greenhouse. The only thing I would do different would be to install 2 more solar fans. We had some problems with 70 mph winds but nothing serious. One nice perk is the help and service online or by phone is excellent. We’re are seriously considering buying another.


amazon climapod testimonial

Sturdy and Good Quality

Impressed with the quality and strength! As my brother and brother in law helped me assemble it they commented on its durability. The pieces fit well together. The only suggestion I have is when you assemble the back make sure the top section panels are started aligned. Very pleased with this purchase! The guys in Issaquah, WA were very helpful, and available, if needing help in the assembly.

Greenhouses testimonials from ClimaPod customer

Smith S Testimonial

Clima Pod is the BEST in product and customer service!

Instructions were very well written and clear. After we assembled the greenhouse it is all that was promised and well manufactured!
They have an assembly team to assist if you need the help and the company was the very best to provide assistance and customer service; prompt, friendly, and helpful. The qualities of this product and customer service are above and beyond what most companies offer in todays’ market environment. Stop searching and buy the ClimaPod!

Smith S.

Five stars!

I bought this exact greenhouse 6 months ago. It turned out great! It’s very solid and the directions were easy to follow.

Eric Scooch Pascucci

Climapod Virtue Complete Kit

This is our ClimaPod Virtue 🙂 It is facing north, the louver make sit cooler plus the solar fans.

I mostly have succulents and cactus and some carnivorous plants. We had some 50MPH wind last week and it survived fine, one trees in front of my house did not. It was so strong that I found my sneakers in the yard from my deck.
Very happy with it!



A Big Weekend

The last weekend in February was a big one on the property owned by Visala, Gaurang, Susanta and JagadIsh. Friends came through the weekend to help put together two Climapod greenhouses… The greenhouses will be placed end to end, thus becoming a long community greenhouse.


Greenhouses testimonials from our customer

We are very pleased with the greenhouse

Once constructed, we are very pleased with the greenhouse. It is solid, looks good and does hold up well in the wind. Was a challenging to put together. When they say the pad needs to be perfectly level, believe them. We purchased for a community garden so fortunately had several volunteers to help. We were not clear on a couple of the instructions so we contacted the company’s technical rep who was very good at guiding us through the process including texting pictures and texts that provided additional guidance. We had one of the solar fans went out after 11 months and they were prompt in responding to the warranty and provided us with a new one free of charge.

Tracy S.

Our first gardening season with our Climapod greenhouse

Our first gardening season with our Climapod greenhouse and we couldn’t be more pleased. Sales and customer service help was prompt and helpful. All in all, a very good experience and would certainly recommend to others looking for a fair priced and sturdy greenhouse.

Thank you,

Dedrian Clark

After spending months researching greenhouses I finally took the plunge on the Climapod Virtue and my only regret is not buying two. This greenhouse hands down is so much superior to the competition and the pricing for the value beats all competitors. Setup was really quite easy and my only suggestion is to follow the advice from Climapod and get two 4×8 sections fastened together as a work surface for assembly. This makes things so much easier. Also don’t forget to apply caulking to windows and doors before assembly. My girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t hesitate, this is the one to get.

David R.

We secured the climapod virtue greenhouse (9 x 14) on a wood frame to protect from winds. I caulked all the seems. The inside flooring has a layer of gravel so it won’t be muddy during the rainy season.  I also insulated the north side to reflect more heat.  I set 3 large black plastic barrels under the shelves, filled them with water to help heat up the greenhouse.  I installed an electrical outlet for a heater.  This is the first year we sowed vegetable seeds in the greenhouse. Over 300 seeds were sowed in February, sprouted soon after! Everything is growing well. I open the doors and louvre window in the am when temperatures are over 68, the solar vents open when the temperature warms up, closes when it cools down.

I am happy we chose climapod and look forward to transplanting my seeds outdoors.

Mark F.

Very happy with my ClimaPod! It definitely takes some time to put up, but it is definitely worth it!
Not only did it hold up really well during cold months, I am able to save my annuals in the greenhouse and get a head start on my 248 dahlia varieties!
Customer service is great!

Jessica S.

Pasion 9×14 4MM

photo from one of our happy ClimaPod customers from Monroe, WA
model: Pasion 9x14 4MM photo from one of our happy ClimaPod customers from Monroe, WA