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Winter Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Heating

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In recent years, polycarbonate has been widely used for the manufacture of greenhouses. This material is durable and at the same time quite elastic. It allows you to create structures of rather complex geometric shapes. In addition, it has high light transmission (up to 85% of solar radiation) and excellent thermal insulation. Due to the heat-insulating properties of the material, heating a polycarbonate greenhouse will require less thermal energy than for glass or film structures. This will significantly reduce the financial costs of winter crops grown in them. read more →

How to Raise Vegetables in the Winter With Greenhouse Gardening

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You can cultivate vegetables in the middle of winter making use of greenhouse vegetable gardening techniques. To raise vegetables in a greenhouse is virtually the same as growing them outside during the summer. There are just several added things you must do to imitate what nature would do naturally. read more →

Greenhouses – Any Gardeners All Weather Friend

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All Weather Greenhouses

All Weather Greenhouse is meant to replicate any type of climate from around the world based on the plant’s needs. That is its purpose. Therefore, you must be clear on the variety of plants that you intend to build the greenhouse for, you should also know exactly what their environmental needs are. Apart from this, plants react differently to different seasons, pay close attention to their seasonal needs. Pay attention to what is happening with your plants during different seasons. read more →

Begin Growing Vegetables In A Greenhouse

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Some tips about growing vegetables in a greenhouse in winter. Fresh homemade veggies during the cold winter months might appear impossible, but it is not. Set up a small greenhouse next to your garage or house and you are halfway home to having crunchy cucumbers, tangy tomatoes and fresh lettuces for your salads. read more →