All Weather Greenhouses

All Weather Greenhouse is meant to replicate any type of climate from around the world based on the plant’s needs. That is its purpose. Therefore, you must be clear on the variety of plants that you intend to build the greenhouse for, you should also know exactly what their environmental needs are. Apart from this, plants react differently to different seasons, pay close attention to their seasonal needs. Pay attention to what is happening with your plants during different seasons.

The South African Canica, for example, lays silent and inactive throughout the summer while white lilies from the bear nile region bloom solely during the winter months. But do keep in mind that the primary goal in buying a greenhouse is not to try and imitate mother nature. That is impossible, considering the vast complexities of nature. From unknown nutrients to pesky rats that unknowingly affect the plants. The true purpose of a greenhouse is actually to provide a safe, stable and controlled environment. There is a large variety of greenhouses available to choose from, in the ClimaPod Greenhouse Kits Web-Store.

How to choose a greenhouse for your garden

ClimaPod Greenhouses looks absolutely gorgeous when placed in a garden. One of the most important things to be aware of, is the space available to you in your garden and the budget that you are on. Although, we can’t go by looks alone, we have to consider some other basic stuff before you delve into setting one up.

If budget as such is of no constraint to you, you can go on and build your perfect greenhouse. For everyone else, please make sure you find a proper space in your garden to set up the greenhouse. By that, we mean that you find a place that is open to a abundant sunlight and the ground can be leveled to set up a good foundation. Pay attention to the space around the greenhouse. There must be sufficient space for you to maneuver around without any major difficulty.

A major cause for concern to gardeners is the changes in seasons. Most gardeners start getting worried about their crops in the outdoor gardens, when summer passes by and temperatures start to drop. The best solution to counter the vagaries of nature is to place your plants in a garden greenhouse. It is one of the most secure methods to handle the extreme frost of winter. Having said that one must be careful in using a greenhouse in fall. The temperatures fluctuate and one must constantly monitor to get the best results. Usage of polycarbonate panels at proper heat levels will ensure that the interior of the greenhouse is kept a solid 30-40 degrees higher than the temperature outside. This is more than sufficient to keep the tropical plants warn all round the year.

How to Choose Greenhouse Kit 

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