greenhouse winter heating

The last generation of greenhouse heating systems during winter season

The greenhouse will have high value if it has heating system as a part of growing system. Greenhouse heating system allows you to get early grown vegetables and greens and you will receive obvious benefits from growing process. Of course, the heating of the greenhouse requires some of the investments but it should be justified.

You can achieve the maximum benefit from the greenhouse operating if you will grow different crops no matter what the weather conditions is. If you will manage labor and time costs in the right way it will allow you to get good harvest from the growing in greenhouse and that mean you run your business successfully. Therefore, the right meaning of “all-season greenhouse” is when there is proper heating system and it can be regulated as it needed by the greenhouse owner.

If you are planning to grow vegetables all year round you definitely need the greenhouse with heating system to provide suitable climatic conditions for plants. To provide comfortable conditions for the future plants and vegetables you should warm up the air and ground in the greenhouse. Usually you don’t need any professional involvement to install heating systems. But to install some of them mandatory require professional involvement during installation and configuration.

For normalization the temperature in the greenhouse you can use various devices that can be portable or local. You should set up all equipment with the correct characteristics to provide comfortable microclimate for plants. You should maintain correctly the temperature regime. The air need to warm plants evenly to exclude the overheat of the root system and stems. The cost of heating water and air pays off with a high quality of the harvest.

Four-season greenhouse heating

The main idea of the heating system is that heating points are installed over the perimeter of greenhouse. It is evenly affect the amount of heating input. The main goal of the devices to make the influx of the warm air inside the greenhouse and it lets the greenhouse to be operational all year around.

winter greenhouse heating

winter greenhouse heating

The main greenhouse heating systems

There are several effective ways for heating the greenhouse:

Water heating system. Water is traditional heat carrier. It is cheap and safe way of heating. You can use several circuits inside the system to provide air and soil heating.

Infrared heating system. Such system has no emissions into the atmosphere. It does not dry air and does not emit combustion products into atmosphere which is a big plus. The convenience of this system is that it does not heat the air but the surrounding objects which are the plants and the soil.

Gas heating system. The type of system is the most expensive from other variety of heating systems. It has conducting gas pipeline and also the controlling and measuring devices for safe functionality of the heating system. The air transmitted with this system of heating can be very dry. Unfortunately it can be fatal for some groups of plants.

gas greenhouse heating

gas greenhouse heating

Finally, to choose the winter heating system of the greenhouse we highly recommend to pay attention on several following factors:

  • Financial opportunities;
  • Dimensions of future greenhouse building;
  • Plants needs;
  • The structure of building itself.

You have to pay attention on the installed heating circuits which must be combined with the type of greenhouse. For example film greenhouses require a large heat release in comparison to polycarbonate. If you are planning to build industrial greenhouses. There is no way you will use it without help of advanced technology devices, professional skills. Therefore, before taking the decision make sure you consider all pros and cons.

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