Greenhouse farming is a great way to grow plants. Thanks to greenhouses, people have the opportunity to get good harvests of heat-loving crops in any climatic conditions. Modern polycarbonate greenhouses have become more durable, stronger and more reliable than their predecessors made of glass, films and other materials. In addition, such structures do not need to be dismantled for the winter.

Polycarbonate has a number of properties that make it possible to build winter greenhouses from it:

  • light weight;
  • strength;
  • resistance to bad weather;
  • flexibility;
  • wide temperature range of preservation of useful properties;
  • high light transmission;
  • good ability to keep warm.

It is thanks to these properties that many today choose greenhouses made of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate ClimaPod 9x14 Greenhouse in winter

Polycarbonate ClimaPod 9×14 Greenhouse in winter

There are several reasons why the structure may become unusable:

  • Poor quality frame. Winter is a harsh time for greenhouses, as they have to withstand winds, snow and temperature changes. Polycarbonate is a fairly strong material that can withstand heavy loads, so it is important to have a reliable frame. Some gardeners believe that due to the light weight of polycarbonate, the frame does not have to be strong. However, in winter, under a layer of snow, fragile foundations will turn into bent twigs.
  • Insufficient angle of inclination of the roof. The slope of the roof in the greenhouse must ensure a fairly quick precipitation, because even despite the ability to withstand a high load, the materials may not cope with the wet melted snow. In this regard, arched models are ideal, for example, the Kinovskaya greenhouse, on which snow does not accumulate even in heavy snowfalls.
  • No maintenance. Regardless of the precautions taken, snow should be removed from the greenhouse whenever possible. If this issue is not yet so urgent in winter, then in spring, when the snow becomes damp and gains more weight, the likelihood of damage increases significantly.

Preparing the polycarbonate greenhouse for winter

winter landscape with greenhouse

winter landscape with greenhouse

Experienced gardeners recommend taking a number of measures to prevent deformation of the greenhouse during the winter. To strengthen the frame, it is recommended to install additional supports, the number of which depends on the profile frequency and the area of ​​the greenhouse. The upper vents should be left open, if they are not provided – remove several sheets of polycarbonate. This will reduce the load on the roof and frame and ensure that the soil inside the greenhouse is sufficiently moistened by natural snow ingress. On the contrary, it is better to close the doors or fix them very securely so that the winter winds do not destroy the structure.

The durable roof can hold over 15″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12″).

Permissible snow load of the polycarbonate ClimaPod Greenhouse in winter

By choosing a high-quality ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit and providing it with proper care, you will receive a reliable and durable structure that will delight you with rich harvests for many years!

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