heating greenhouse

The greenhouses give the wonderful harvest when the weather warm and sunny. They are used in the spring, summer and autumn time. Greenhouse can give much more harvest and benefit if you will setup the heating system inside. As an addition in order for plants to grow and develop in a normal rhythm you have to keep the temperature on the constant level and control it. The temperature level depends on how much the plants are heat-loving. But in winter all of the plants will not survive without additional heating. There are the specific details in the heating process of the greenhouses which depends the heating design. The heating system must have the construction facilitating warming up not only the air in the greenhouse but the soil under the plants.

Kinds of heating of the greenhouse construction in the autumn-winter period

There are various types of heating. Among all of the various types there are some of the complex systems that make simultaneous heating as well as several other solutions that make comfortable optimal conditions within the greenhouse. Heating systems for the greenhouses are: warming floors, warming air, steam and water systems. Steam heating is used less often and you need to be more careful with them.

heating the greenhouse

Some tips on how to make a greenhouse warmer

  • The walls and roof must be transparent without mirror surfaces and toning;
  • The best solution is to use double glazing in case if you are going to grow seedlings or vegetables in the greenhouse;
  • It is highly recommended do not let the air to dry out in any way;
  • The air should be flowing from the bottom to the top.

heating of greenhouse

Best season for greenhouse assembling is autumn. There isn’t a lot of work in the garden or farm and you can build the greenhouse in 2-3 days from kit and install heating system.

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