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How to Equip Polycarbonate Greenhouse Inside

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climapod passion 9x14 greenhouse

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are a popular way of gardening. Special arrangement of the greenhouse inside gives us the opportunity to get a harvest earlier than in the open-air field. And with the progress of technology to equip greenhouses has become a simple matter. For example, cellular polycarbonate is very useful: lightweight and durable material and you can quickly mount a greenhouse of any size with it. read more →

Spring treatment and fertilising of the soil in greenhouse

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Spring treatment and fertilising of the soil in greenhouse

General disinfection of the greenhouse allows you to immediately treat the soil, but this may not be enough. We also advise you to sanitize the soil in the greenhouse in spring before planting. read more →

Greenhouse Supplies For A Well-Working Greenhouse

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climapod summer greenhouse 2018

What to know about greenhouse supplies can be important, especially when one hopes to design a well-working enclosure and it’s more than a hobby, for instance. The current economic climate is causing many people to look at ways to save money. Growing their own vegetables can be a way to save a few dollars and eat healthier, on top of things. Additionally, selling plants, certain fruits and vegetables can bring in additional income. read more →

Begin Growing Vegetables In A Greenhouse

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winter greenhouse harvest

Some tips about growing vegetables in a greenhouse in winter. Fresh homemade veggies during the cold winter months might appear impossible, but it is not. Set up a small greenhouse next to your garage or house and you are halfway home to having crunchy cucumbers, tangy tomatoes and fresh lettuces for your salads. read more →

How Home Greenhouses Can Save Your Plants

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greenhouse flowering floriculture

For any person who has an interest in gardening and who has their own plants to grow, getting a greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home greenhouses have a lot to offer and can make your job of caring for your plants much easier and more convenient. There are a few benefits of home greenhouses in particular that are worth considering. One of the best things about these buildings is that they allow you to control the growing environment for your plants.

flowering in ht greenhouse

One of the best and most important features of the home greenhouses is that you are able to control the temperature. You also get to decide how often you want the plants to be watered, rather than relying on Mother Nature. It depends on the sort of climate you live in as well, for instance most people in Canada are really only able to garden for three to four month time periods before it gets too cold. This is even more of an issue now that we are experiencing such dramatic weather changes.

Another of the benefits of home greenhouses is that you know you are eating fresh vegetables. Organic is certainly the preferred choice of gardeners today because these products are safe and natural, unlike the hazardous chemical gardening products some still rely on. These days most vegetable gardeners rely on organic products and stay away from chemical fertilizers and other products that can be harmful. There is also the fact that you are able to extend your growing seasons.

climapod greenhouse inside view photo from our customer

You can start planting earlier on in the year and keep your plants growing pretty much all year long if you want to. It saves a lot of effort and worry by having your plants kept in a greenhouse rather than having them be vulnerable to outdoor weather. If you like showing off your plants and your hard gardening work, a greenhouse can work for you in this way as well. When you want to invite guests over to view your plants it makes a nice environment and really shows off all your hard work.