Plants can be grown not only in soil, but also practically “in the air”. The one who first thought of this, and invented aeroponics. Now this technology is used in greenhouses, greenhouses, and even on spaceships – wherever space and crop areas need to be saved. Plants are kept in special boxes, in limbo. Their roots are in moist air and are periodically sprayed with a special nutrient solution. Usually, in this case, plantings require less water and fertilizer, increase yields and reduce the ripening time of fruits (in comparison with the “traditional” substrate, or soil, method).

Classical aeroponics

The classic aeroponics technique is as follows: the roots of plants are placed in special boxes, so that their tips (about a third of the root length) are in a nutrient solution. The remaining 2/3 of the roots, respectively, are in the air and periodically (approximately once a day) are sprayed with a special mixture – top dressing.

plant roots when growing aeroponics

Moss tube

One of the most common aeroponics techniques is the “moss wall,” or “moss tube.” Ampel plants or climbing creepers are grown on it. To create such a wall, a frame is made of plastic or metal mesh (the ideal mesh size is 8 * 8mm). It is filled with wet sphagnum – this is one of the types of moss, it grows in large numbers in the forests of the middle zone, even in the Leningrad region it is enough. This moss, like a sponge, absorbs moisture very well. On the “moss walls” it is very convenient to grow plants with aerial roots that are immersed in moss. With this technology, top dressing can be done only 1-2 times a day.

Aeroponics in industry

Aeroponics is used in industry in a slightly different way. Plants are placed on shelves inside the greenhouse, and their roots are in a special dark chamber. There, at certain (very short) intervals, a nutrient solution is supplied. All this, of course, is automated: top dressing is pumped. This method looks complicated only in words, in fact, skillful owners can try to build one on their own. In this way, it is convenient to grow vegetables – for example, tomatoes and cucumbers. Technical sophistication is justified by increased yields.

If you grow plants by the aeroponic method, do not forget to constantly monitor the air humidity – it should be more than usual. Otherwise, the roots will dry out and the plants will die.

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