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No matter how strong and durable the covering of your greenhouse is, it needs a scheduled inspection and an unscheduled adjustment of the structure in case of force majeure. Why should the greenhouse be repaired periodically, what are the breakdowns of its components and how to eliminate them, how to fix the troubles on their own?

Why regular greenhouse repairs are needed

ClimaPod 9x21 Greenhouse on wooden base

ClimaPod 9×21 Greenhouse on wooden base

The normal life of greenhouse structures depends not only on how correctly the installation of the components of the greenhouse was performed. Proper care of the greenhouse is also important, as well as regular repairs – checking the health of the frame, base and coating. Every gardener can carry out scheduled DIY repairs. Inspection and correction of defects in the design of the polycarbonate greenhouse, we recommend conducting twice a year – in the early spring, shortly before planting, and in late autumn, at the end of the season.

The scheduled repair of any polycarbonate greenhouse includes inspection of all parts of the building for damage, painting and cleaning of elements, and strength control. Carefully examine all the details of the greenhouse, especially the surface of the coating. Check if its swelling, turbidity has occurred, if microcracks or dents have appeared on the surface.

Check the condition of the frame – is it stable, is it damaged by rainwater. Using the level, they check the position of the greenhouse – it should be located strictly horizontally. In case of failure, the coating and parts of the frame are washed with water. Bearing structural parts may corrode. Such places need to be washed, dried, cleaned and painted with your own hands. A wooden frame can damage rot or mold. If you do not repair it, the frame can fall apart.

ClimaPod Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse with rust resistant aluminum frame!

If the structure does not withstand loads, additional reinforcement will be required. Spend it using strapping rings – they are welded or stuffed around the perimeter of the greenhouse. It is recommended to remove the polycarbonate coating for the duration of the work. You can strengthen the greenhouse with the help of special T-shaped props – they are placed inside at a distance of about a meter from each other.

Greenhouse Repair: Frame Failure

greenhouse frame breakdown

Noname greenhouse frame breakdown

Sometimes gardeners are faced with the need to do unscheduled repairs to fix the breakdowns of the main components of the greenhouse. The causes of malfunctions are the choice of a material of the wrong thickness for building a greenhouse that could not cope with the proposed loads – cracks appear in the roof due to a layer of snow or the bending angle of the sheet is greater than is permissible for a material of such thickness. Do-it-yourself installation of the product without regard to the manufacturer’s recommendations may result in deformation and rupture of structural elements.

  • The durable ClimaPod Greenhouse roof can hold over 15″ of snow (it is recommended to remove snow loads over 12″)!

The coating is sometimes laid on the wrong side. The end parts of cellular polycarbonate may not be sealed. The result will be moisture inside and subsequent mold formation. Possible destruction of the structure of the material due to freezing of moisture inside the honeycomb. Material may have been stored until inappropriate conditions.

If the frame of the structure has broken as a result of exposure to snow or wind, then it is necessary to carry out unscheduled repairs with your own hands. Depending on how much a particular part is damaged, it is straightened or replaced. It may be necessary to hammer a board – to hammer another bar in the lap to an existing one. Additionally, in the area of ​​damage, it is advised to install a column, which will become reliable protection in the future from such troubles. It is best to carry out repairs in clear weather and on a non-frosty day.

Greenhouse Repair: Foundation Failure

If you comply with all the requirements and norms of the construction of a polycarbonate greenhouse, theoretically there should be no problems with the foundation in the future. In practice, they appear – the base of the timber implies its regular replacement with a new one. In this case, the design should be removed and installed on a new strapping base. If the owner makes a decision, he can move the greenhouse to another place, which implies the organization of a reliable foundation.


Climapod greenhouse foundation (base)

Climapod greenhouse foundation (base)

If the greenhouse is located on a monolithic or strapping foundation, which for some reason has cracked, urgent measures must be taken. To fix the malfunction with your own hands, undermine the base. Manipulations must be done carefully, otherwise you risk getting an even bigger crack. When the gap is found, it is poured with the solution intended for this.

Wooden base for Climapod 9x21 Greenhouse

Wooden base for Climapod 9×21 Greenhouse

Greenhouse Repair: Coverage Recovery

If damage is discovered to the greenhouse cover, it will be necessary to repair this part of the building. Turbidity, blackout, moisture in the combs, and bloating may appear. If, due to the influence of high temperatures, the material began to “punch”, you should once again fasten the sheets to the frame. The holes from self-tapping screws remaining from previous fasteners must be sealed. If clouding or darkening of the coating is detected, make sure that it is UV protective coating up.

Noname greenhouse frame support

Otherwise, you need to turn it over and fix it again with your own hands. In this case, it is recommended to completely replace the sheets of material. When moisture is detected in the combs, to avoid damage to the canvases, they will have to be dismantled and purged with compressed air. Then fix on the structure.

Climapod greenhouses can withstand medium-sized hail without destroying the coating!

The most difficult breakdown is considered to be a crack or a floor of material. This happens by chance – as a result of falling on the roof of objects that have a lot of weight, or when you hit it with a garden tool. If the damage area is small, it is “blown out” with a sealant solution.

If a hole is formed, a damaged piece must be replaced. If the structure is arched, a whole sheet should be purchased. In other cases, it is possible to eliminate the breakdown using a plastic film. Using a plastic film is a budget option, but it is better to take pieces of the main material remaining after the installation of the greenhouse.

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