climapod spirit 7'x12' small greenhouse complete kit

ClimaPod Greenhouse is a modern designed greenhouse for growing early vegetables and herbs. It looks great, strong, reliable and attractive. The Drop-Shaped ClimaPod Greenhouse style belongs to the category of highly reliable structures. Our ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit is stronger than arched greenhouse because of the roof corner, which creates an additional stiffener. At the same time, greenhouses of this design better tolerate snowy winters. Snow usually slides down an inclined plane without any help.

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Drop-Shaped Greenhouse Design (ClimaPod Spirit Series)

The benefits of Drop Shaped Greenhouse Design

  • Warranty period of more than 10 years, thanks to a stainless aluminum frame.
  • The interior space allows you to produce garden work with comfort.
  • If desired, you can increase the length of the greenhouse with an additional extension kit.
  • The teardrop-shaped form of the greenhouse does not hold the snow cover, there is no need to clean the roof from snow*.
  • Windows accessories provides a proper atmosphere and helps to form the right microclimate for garden crops.
  • Polycarbonate has UV protection, this is great for plants inside the greenhouse. All the space in it will take the necessary amount of light and heat, and plastic will last longer and will not lose its properties.
  • The strong 5-inch aluminum frame can withstand heavy loads. Fixation of the arcs in the greenhouse is made using reinforced metal elements.

Teardrop-shaped greenhouses have become popular among gardeners and receive extremely favorable reviews. The advantages of the product include quick and easy installation. Buyers note the strength, durability, tightness of the structure. Particularly pleased with the summer residents is the fact that the greenhouse can be built up.

Do not forget to mention about high-quality 4 mm and 6 mm polycarbonate, which provides protection from ultraviolet radiation, which has a beneficial effect on plants. And the very form of the greenhouse causes only positive emotions: it looks interesting and contributes to the sliding of snow.

ClimaPod 9x21 Greenhouse on wooden base

ClimaPod 9×21 Greenhouse on wooden base