Spring treatment and fertilising of the soil in greenhouse

General disinfection of the greenhouse allows you to immediately treat the soil, but this may not be enough. We also advise you to sanitize the soil in the greenhouse in spring before planting.

Methods of soil treatment in the greenhouse


Biological – the most acceptable and safe method, but it’s extremely expensive. In this case, the upper 8-10 cm of soil is removed from the entire greenhouse. The collected soil is either sprinkled on open beds, or mixed with manure and compost. You may use that soil in the greenhouse again after a few years passed. You should pour a new fertile layer of soil into the greenhouse. Usually large farms use this method.

large farm greenhouse


Temperatur method – processing low and high temperatures. You shouldn’t cover the soil in the greenhouse with snow in winter, but left it to freeze. Then water the soil with boiling water in the spring and cover it with polyethylene (or other moisture-impermeable material) for steaming. So you can kill about 70-80% of all pests.


Chemical method – treatment with various reagents. Please, choose a drug individually, depending on the likely harmful factors.

Wet treatment

Wet treatment – is carried out by potent chemicals (bleach, formalin, carbation). Chemicals are highly hazardous. Therefore, we recommend carrying out such treatment in the autumn after harvesting.


Soil fertilising in the greenhouse in spring

Most gardeners fertilize the land in the greenhouse with manure. If it is difficult to find dung in early spring, you can do without it. We advise you to prepare the most effective composition:

  • A mixture of turf land and peat (1: 3).
  • Peat, sawdust and mullein (3: 1: 0.5).
  • Ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium chloride.
  • Phosphorus, potassium.
  • Avian droppings: Dissolve 1 matchbox of litter in 10 liters of water.

All components are thoroughly mixed. The solution must be steeped for 24 hours. Then just spill the soil on them.


soil fertilising in the greenhouse

soil fertilising in the greenhouse

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