greenhouse usage ideas

Examples of unusual greenhouse usage

It is common knowledge that the main purpose of usage the greenhouse construction is the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. But not everyone knows that the potential of using the things around us is not at all limited with one function of the thing. If you have good developed imagination it is simple to find an alternative usage for a particular object.

The greenhouse does not have to be used exclusively for agricultural purposes. At first look this may seem a little bit strange but the greenhouse design can be adapted to solve a number of diverse tasks completely unrelated to any kind of agricultural activity.

Hothouse usage idea

Hothouse usage idea

The greenhouse usage as a steam bath or bathhouse

The main purpose of the greenhouse in the formation of a warm and rather humid microclimate within it. The greenhouse designed in such kind of way to fulfill its main function – the creation of favorable conditions for growing plants. Due to this feature of the greenhouse it is easy to turn it into an excellent steam bath without using any radical changes to the construction of the greenhouse.

All you need to do is to limit cold air access into the greenhouse. Block ventilation systems and close all openings inside the greenhouse. After that you need to place a large container of water inside the greenhouse room. Water under the influence of temperature will be evaporated gathering in the form of steam inside the greenhouse. The goal is achieved as the steam room is ready. You can even leave the still growing at the moment cultures inside the greenhouse. But all of it is possible in case if the duration of the hovering sessions will be small and you have to take the necessary steps against the development of fungi and mold. Otherwise the idea to build the steam bath inside the greenhouse will be unsuccessful. However it is still recommended to remove plants or at least cover them with a dense waterproof cloth.

The greenhouse can be turned into a full-fledged bathhouse if you are ready to make some simple construction changes. As we believe this very interesting topic deserves a separate material which we will provide in the near future.

It is possible to take sunbathing in the greenhouse

Pool in the greenhouse

Greenhouse Sunbathing

You can take sunbathing without the risks for your health associated with the action of this part of the spectrum of sunlight on the human skin. But this procedure is possible only if the greenhouse covered with high-quality polycarbonate with a special anti-ultraviolet coating. To do such kind of procedures you have to follow some rules to avoid negative consequences related the health and skin condition. The first rule is that greenhouse should be constantly ventilated. And the second rule is that the same procedure for making such sunbathing have to be done not on the hottest sunny days of the season. The high temperature created in the greenhouse and the lack of fresh air are also dangerous for the well-being.

Greenhouse usage: You can dry and iron clothes and things in the greenhouse

The greenhouse which is well-ventilated is suitable as a place for drying and ironing laundry items. If you do not let the moist air stagnate inside the greenhouse then the inside conditions of the greenhouse are perfect for express drying of wardrobe items. But it is better do not ventilate out all the moisture from the inside of the greenhouse and use it to make things more suitable for ironing. But the inside air should be warm and moderately moist but not wet. Only in this case things and clothes will be ironed much better. The effect will be like a good ironing with the function of releasing hot steam.

You can grow different flowers in the greenhouse

flowering in the greenhouse

flowering in the greenhouse

The greenhouse can be turned into the flower garden without special difficulties. Actually the main difference between the first construction and the second one is whether it cultivates agricultural (food) crops or decorative ones. The flower garden is nothing else but a subspecies of a greenhouse.

It is not possible to grow both fruits and vegetables and flowers in the same greenhouse because the requirements for the environmental conditions of these types of plants are too different. Therefore it is necessary either to do prioritization of what to grow. Grow only one type of plants or alternate the cultivation of those and other crops appropriately adapting the greenhouse conditions to their needs.

You can basically live in the greenhouse

Glasshouse Usage: Place for living or working at - Primary School Classrooms in greenhouses

Glasshouse Usage: Place for living or working at

Let’s say if your wife kicked you out from the house with scandal and there is nowhere else to go. Then it is quite possible to spend some time comfortably in the greenhouse even in the winter time. The heat which is stored inside is more than enough to ensure that people are not frozen. The walls and roof will save you from rain and wind. The greenhouse conditions will not substitute the comfort of dwelling but still better than under the open sky.