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What type of polycarbonate is best for the greenhouse?

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honeycomb polycarbonate for the greenhouse

To build a high-quality greenhouse on the backyard, most gardeners prefer to choose modern, high-quality translucent plastic (polycarbonate). It’s became a worthy successor of the traditions of glass, which was previously used for the arrangement of greenhouses. What type, color and width of the polycarbonate should be chosen for the greenhouse, and is it necessary to protect it from ultraviolet rays? read more →

How to choose a ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit

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ClimaPod Greenhouse Complete Kit Accessories

How to choose greenhouse

Choosing ClimaPod high quality greenhouse kits for extended season & year-round gardening

How to choose ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit Size

How to choose ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit Size

ClimaPod offers several heavy-duty greenhouse options for any gardener and grower to choose from. Regardless of its intended application, whether it’s hobby or commercial, you can always find the perfect ClimaPod greenhouse kit that fits your needs in size, strength and preferred accessories. So, how to choose greenhouse kit for gardening or flowering?  All of our kits include everything needed for the assembly: read more →