growing vegetable nutrition

Let’s speak about the greenhouse vegetable growing and harvest dependence of environmental factors. Article number four is about vegetable nutrition…

The mode of nutrition of vegetable

The insufficient amount of manganese and boron leads to following problems: the violation of fruiting, the crumble of ovary, the decrease of the harvest of fruits and seeds. The copper increase the following processes as: exchange of carbohydrates in the plant and the intensity of breathing.

The nitrogen is needed for growth of the vegetative mass but it inhibits fruiting. The excessive amount of the nitrogen which is present in the soil leads to the accumulation of nitrates in the fruit. When there is the deficiency of nitrogen happens than the growth of the plants could be delayed and as the result the leaves of the plants turn yellow.

The phosphorus as the element is needed during the formation of the fruits. This element increases the amount of sugars and vitamins in the fruit. The phosphorus also helps the acceleration of the fruits maturation. With the lack of the phosphorus in the plants the following processes can slow down: growth, flowering, fruit setting and ripening of the harvest.

The potassium can improve the resistance of the vegetables to the cold. It increases carbohydrate metabolism. Also the potassium helps the plants to resist against disease and the growth of them slows down. There is very important nutrition of the vegetables such as zinc, molybdenum, iron, copper, manganese, boron, cobalt and others that helps to develop the fruit.


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