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Year-round greens growing

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Year-round greenery growing in a greenhouse

We add a variety of greens in almost all the dishes on our table. In winter, juicy greens provide a joyful mood and improve appetite. Let’s figure out in greens growing. read more →

How to Raise Vegetables in the Winter With Greenhouse Gardening

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climapod passion winter greenhouse 2019

You can cultivate vegetables in the middle of winter making use of greenhouse vegetable gardening techniques. To raise vegetables in a greenhouse is virtually the same as growing them outside during the summer. There are just several added things you must do to imitate what nature would do naturally. read more →

How To Grow Your Own Food In A Backyard Greenhouse

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climapod passion 9x14 winter greenhouse 2019

Using a Backyard Greenhouse in your garden is one element of leisure activity. And there are also many crops which can be grown outdoors in the greenhouse.

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The arugula – Eruca sativa

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Useful health properties of arugula vegetables

A lot of gardeners and scientists consider that the Arugula vegetable (Eruca sativa) is obtained by more and more popularity as for today. This kind of plant is from the family of cruciferous. Many people ask the question about what exactly Arugula has earned to be such popular nowadays? The answer for this question is quite simple! read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 4

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growing vegetable nutrition

Let’s speak about the greenhouse vegetable growing and harvest dependence of environmental factors. Article number four is about vegetable nutrition…

The mode of nutrition of vegetable

The insufficient amount of manganese and boron leads to following problems: the violation of fruiting, the crumble of ovary, the decrease of the harvest of fruits and seeds. The copper increase the following processes as: exchange of carbohydrates in the plant and the intensity of breathing. read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 3

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watering vegitables in greenhouse

Let’s speak about thegrowing vegetables in greenhouse and harvest dependence of environmental factors.

The watering regime of greenhouse growing

Most of the vegetables contain a large amount of water. The level of water element in the vegetables can be up to 95% and that’s why almost every vegetable need the resources of groundwater for the formation of the good harvest. read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 2

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greenhouse lighting

Climapod vegetable Greenhouse Kits are great for conservatory, flowering and plants cultivating. We published a series of articles with useful tips about growing vegetables in the greenhouses to ensure that your crop of vegetables were much more abundant. Previous Article

The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the greenhouse

The light and air-gas mode in vegetable greenhouse kits

When the day changes the night according to the season all plants and vegetables have the ability to adjust the developed reaction to these changes. The initial reaction called photoperiodism. read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 1

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greenhouse heat gun

Let’s speak about the vegetable harvest in greenhouse dependence of environmental factors. The following characteristics such as growth, development and as a result the productivity of the vegetable crops depend on the factors that are surrounding the plant other words it is the nature environment.

The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the vegetable greenhouse

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Growing vegetables and plants in greenhouse during winter period

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winter greenhouse growing plants

Heating process of the greenhouses in winter and growing plants and vegetables during cold period of the year

The greenhouse on the property of your house will bring you a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits during any time of the year and will fill your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, this is a good idea for successful business because organic products from private traders had always more value than products that was produced in factory. But when the cold weather come owners of greenhouses need to follow the specific rules and advices related the process of growing different crops in the winter. read more →