how to choose water pump for irrigation

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How to choose water pump for irrigation

Okay, how to choose water pump for irrigation in garden or greenhouse? The first thing that we would like to advise you is to consult with the seller in the store or with the garden technician. Before you will understand which type of the pump to choose you have to analyze the source of water with you will be pumping from. There are different kinds of surface devices that can be used for the well, pond or drip irrigation.

But if you do not know how to determine the appropriate type of pump than you should consider the following criteria:

  • the condition of the well fluid at the bottom of the well is the most important criterion;
  • the required temperature for different types of crops. If water comes from the tank or drip irrigation system than make sure that the water pumping station has the right temperature;
  • the length of the system. You have to do special measurements. The reason why you should do this is that the hose coming from the bottom of the well should have the required length and will be able to reach the beds;
  • the degree of pressure of the water supply system.
  • the size of the greenhouse or garden area;
  • the difference in height of the place where the pump will be located relative to the place where your garden or greenhouse are located. There may be interruptions with the system of drip irrigation or from the bottom of the well. That is why you should avoid big difference in height of water source and location of the greenhouse or garden.

When you will be choosing the pumping system which will meet your requirements you should consider all of the above factors to avoid fail situations. You always can ask for the help of professional or you can independently install a water pump.

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