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The watering process is the most important matter of garden care. You should pay special attention to this kind of work at your garden land. There are various irrigation systems which effectively and consistently supply with the water resource your garden property. The pump for watering process of your garden is the best invention that can help to solve many vegetable growing problems. In this topic we will look at the different types of pump systems and will try to decide which water pump for garden better to choose.

The description of garden water pumps

So there are several types of water pumps which are classified based on the way of water extraction such as the well, the barrel or the open reservoir. Based on what have been said above there are two main types of water pumps: submersible and superficial. So those gardeners who extract water from the bottom of the well accordingly will get the surface devices as the best choose. Also if the garden is located near a river or pond you have to choose surface pump device. The surface pump is developed for pumping the water from the depth of up to ten meters.

The submersible water pumps are not used so often in the garden in comparison to superficial ones. But if it turned out and the water level in the well is below ten meters depth then the only correct option is to buy submersible pump. The submersible pumps developed to pump the water from the depth of up to 40-80 meters. Gardeners do not choose this type of water supply too often because of the complex installation system.

The drum pump is the easiest to install comparison to other ones. The peculiarity of such kind of pumping system is that pumping process of water can be done from any barrel or container. The main distinction is that the pumping station does not overheat at all.

For those who do not like to spend hours of watering the garden there is an automatic or drop water pump. Such kind of system is equipped with a running timer which allows the gardener to stay away from it. You can build this device by yourself.

Water quality

When you are choosing the type of pumping device for your garden you have to consider the quality of the water and the places where the pumping station will be located. The small debris can damage the pumping device which is not designed to pump water from swamp as for example. It happens too often when the water source require drainage filtration because of low water quality.

Having considered different types of water pumps we would like to talk about the two main ones: the surface and submerged.


The surface pumps

surface water pump for garden

surface water pump for garden

This kind of water pump is usually located on the surface of the ground. The water supply is carried out from the water intake hose. The hoses are the main part of the pumping water procedure from the well. On the other side of the hose the metal pipe has to be attached. We highly recommend not to use the hose made of rubber when you are using such type of water supply system. The reason is that the air which is formed in the hose due to which the walls of the hose are compressed and the normal flow of water is obstructed.

The great advantage of this pumping system is its simplicity in terms of installation. You should place the pumping unit on a flat and dry surface and connect the hose to the system. Another advantage is the powerful water supply. That mean that you can water most of the garden from one water source. The other plus of the pumping system is that this type of system can be self-made and there could be no need to ask for the help of professionals. You may use the surface pumps for drip irrigation.

Submersible water pump for garden

Submersible water pump for gardening

Submersible water pump for gardening

We recommend to use submersible pump if the water level in the water source is below than 10 meters. Such kind of pump device should be lowered below the water level of the well or the river. As the result the water will be passing through the conventional hose and falling on the land. Some models of submersible pumps can push the water up to forty meters. In some cases the altitude of pushing the water can get the level of eighty meters if you have the complex model.

The installation of such kind of pumping system is not easy to handle without the help of the professionals. The same thing with dismantling – you will still need the help of the specialist. If you are not planning to use the pumping system during winter than it is much better if you will remove pump during inactivity period.

There are two types of submersible water pumping devices: vibratory and centrifugal. The first one is more accessible but if you will use it in dirty water of marshes than it will not work properly. The centrifugal pumping device works with the help of the blades and wheels which actually are the parts of the pump. The dirty water is not hindrance due to the force of pumping device action. Accordingly to the options and opportunity that have the pumping device the price for it will be several times higher than other ones.

How does garden water pump work?

In order to avoid of making the mistake in choosing the water pumping device you have to consider first the classification of the device according to the principle of operation.

The first type is vortex. This type of pumping device works only in clean water sources. There is high water pressure is created when the vortex system of water supply works which causes a powerful head of water from the hose. The main disadvantage of this kind of pumping system is not enough high efficiency of about 45%. Also this type of pumping system has annoying noise when processing.

The second type of pumping system (water pump for garden) is centrifugal. There are two types of centrifugal pumping systems: surface and submersible. It works with the help of centrifugal force when the water is pumped through. This type of pumping device can operate long enough and can pump water from ponds of any degree of pollution. Centrifugal pumping system does not cause inconvenience at all. It is suitable for drip irrigation. There are couple disadvantages: the high price and complexity in installation.

The third type of water pump for garden is vibrational. The main idea of suction of the water is the vibration. The principle of operation of this type of pump is pretty much similar to the submersible one. But there are some things you should take into the consideration. The vibrating pump can quickly break down if the water in the well or any container is highly contaminated. You should use vibrational water pump just for pumping the water from clean water reservoirs excluding the presence of silt.

Water pumps are also divided according to the feeding method. For example the dependent power source is the best option for drip irrigation of the greenhouse or garden. They work directly from the network. But the other two types (autonomous or gasoline) of pumps work without the network which simplifies the garden work. But you should understand that these types of power systems are much more expensive comparison to others.

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