Roses trimming for winter

The roses are heat-loving and capricious type of plants. Therefore the roses trimming for winter is necessarily for proper care of them. Every gardener should pay particular attention to this very important procedure. You should trim the roses before you “warm” flowers for the winter frosts. Only this way you can count on the fact that the flowers will be opened with all its beauty for you next year.

The basic methods of roses pruning

There is the main question that practically almost all the beginning gardeners ask. What is the correct way to cut roses for the winter season? The specific trimming procedure is mandatory for roses and it should be done before flowers will be covered for the overwinter.

There are three main ways of pruning roses in autumn. It is very important for beginner gardeners to be informed how these three ways of pruning work.

Radical roses trimming

So the first type of trimming is radical. The main idea of this type of trimming is to eliminate of the rame down to two sleeping buds.

To use this type of trimming of cutting off shoots in this way you just can for the following representatives of the branching varieties, the miniature varieties and the hybrids of tea species. Sometimes if there was a death of shoots or most of them were prone to disease it is radically necessary to cut off the plant.

Moderate roses trimming

moderate rose bush formation

moderate rose bush formation

The second type of pruning is moderate. The main rule of this type of pruning is to shorten only half of the stem. Many people ask the question about the best time to apply the trimming. The moderate elimination of shoots will positively affect the majority of garden flowers. It is necessary to remove stems down to 5 buds so that there will be at least 20 – 25 centimeters remain above the surface of the soil. The moderate type of pruning makes it possible for the flower to overwinter without any problems. In this case the flower will bloom early in the spring time. The preparation of roses for the winter season has the mandatory rule of removal in the autumn of all undiscovered buds. In fact that before the beginning of winter season the buds will not have time to ripen.

Light roses trimming

light rose puring

light rose puring

The third type of trimming is the light pruning. It is the elimination of the upper part of the stems of roses. This type is applicable for elite varieties of roses such as English, antique, Bengali and a number of others. The main rule of this type of trimming is that two-thirds of the stem should not be involved in the process of trimming at all as well as about ten kidneys should remain untouched. It is incorrect to use this type of pruning for every year control because it provokes weakening of the stems and as a result the rose bush loses its habitual form.

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