organic vegetable gardening

Wide variety of methods for green house gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions and is widely used in organic food production such as with hydroponic. Others just want to cultivate plants that are sensitive to the cold weather or they try to get good seeds. And finally, some make a hobby out of the cultivation and display of rare plants.

There are four main types of green house gardening usually depending on way and the temperature of the controlled atmosphere inside the chamber.

– Recently became popular hydroponics and aeroponics gardening what use no soil in cultivation. Benefits: good production and organic while cost effective, can be semi-automatic.

hydroponics and aeroponics

– A cheap method is cold green house gardening. It works fine in summer time as the heat trapped inside the chamber accelerates the growth of the plants. In very humid weather, such greenhouses trap a lot of humidity inside which could be detrimental to the plants.

– Cool green house gardening is much more common. Normally a steady temperature is preserved by using some sort of heating system. With an interior temperature of 45F, most plants will resist throughout winter.

climapod passion 9x14 winter greenhouse 2019

climapod passion 9×14 winter greenhouse 2019

– One final category here is warm green house gardening that requires temperatures of around 55F and above. Warm greenhouses usually serve for professional purposes and they require a considerable investment in technologies.

greenhouse heat gun

greenhouse heat gun

Besides the brief description provided here, you can read more in depth materials about each of the categories.

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