Useful health properties of arugula vegetables

A lot of gardeners and scientists consider that the Arugula vegetable (Eruca sativa) is obtained by more and more popularity as for today. This kind of plant is from the family of cruciferous. Many people ask the question about what exactly Arugula has earned to be such popular nowadays? The answer for this question is quite simple!

The arugula vegetable is useful for those people who need normalizing the work of the digestive system. Also arugula is able to improve the stable metabolism. This vegetable contains a lot of useful substances such as vitamins and glycosides, alkaloids and tannins, microelements and flavonoids. Also arugula contains such microelements as zinc and magnesium, potassium and iron, calcium and iodine.

This is not the complete list of substances that arugula is contained. The arugula improves hemoglobin which is very important for blood as well as for the body. In addition to all the arugula positively affects the increase of the blood walls elasticity of the vessels in the body. And the most importantly thing is that the arugula identifies harmful cholesterol and helps the heart work properly.

So for those people who want not only to preserve but also to improve their health and to get rid of various types of diseases it is strongly recommended to eat arugula. The dieticians all over the world respect the arugula because it normalizes metabolism. The dishes with arugula as ingredient have low-calorie but at the same time the dishes with arugula as ingredient quickly saturate the body.

This vegetable is valuable in the prevention of cancer. These plants contain such substances in their composition with the help of which the strength of the blood walls of vessels are increasing. The other advantage of arugula is improving the work of the digestive tract. The arugula has spicy taste and good flavor and in combination with an attractive view it is possible to place it among almost any leafy vegetable crops in the garden.

growing arugula in greenhouse

The arugula is also known as the aphrodisiac plant. To prepare aphrodisiac you have to knead the leaves to the flat consistency and add some honey and some weed pepper to finish the composition. The arugula in this type of consistency should be taken daily.

The leaves of arugula are usually used for the preparation of the piquant and interesting food most often in salads. But you have to note that it is much better to use only young leaves because the old ones are very sharp. Sometimes the leaves are also can be fried or boiled. In this way you can use it as a side dish in addition to meat dishes. During the process of cooking the sharpness of the leaves is going away very quickly but the subtle and very characteristic taste remains. Sometimes before cooking the leaves are only slightly scalded.

Arugula Vegetable Growing Tips

The arugula is moisture-loving culture. It is very comfortable to have a long daylight and cold-resistant for this plant to have very early-ripening. The commodity harvest can be obtained after approximately 15 – 30 days from the emergence of shoots. The time depends on growing conditions and assortment. The arugula bloom when the weather conditions are hot and dry combined with a long daylight.

For the plants to be extracted it is better to torn it out with the root or you can cut off from one up to one and a half centimeters above the soil surface. The ready to go products have to be put inside the cardboard boxes. It can be stored in the dark and cold place for about two or three days. You have to keep the humidity level on 90 – 95%. The air temperature should be around 0 up to 1 degree Celsius. Overall the production can be stored for up to two weeks.

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