How and when to cut chrysanthemums for the winter

You should prune Chrysanthemums only after the bushes have completely faded, or with the onset of the first serious steady frosts, even if inflorescences still remain on the chrysanthemums. Performe this operation with a sharp instrument disinfected with alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate. Moreover, if you have several chrysanthemum bushes, it is advisable to process the tool again after trimming each to avoid possible overgrowth of plants.

chrysanthemums in winter

Cut Chrysanthemum bushes at a height of 10-15 cm from the ground and then spud with the addition of humus to a height of about 10 cm (completely covere cuted stems with ground). If you cut flowering branches, you can put them in a vase at home – for a few more days chrysanthemums will delight you with bright autumn colors.


Why didn’t chrysanthemums bloom?

Perhaps your chrysanthemums did not have enough nutrition, such as phosphorus, so they did not give flowers. Add potassium phosphorus for the winter and next year the chrysanthemum is likely to bloom. Do not forget to prune the chrysanthemums on time for the winter. In the spring, we advise you to introduce complex fertilizer.

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