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How and when prune chrysanthemums for the winter?

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How and when to cut chrysanthemums for the winter

You should prune Chrysanthemums only after the bushes have completely faded, or with the onset of the first serious steady frosts, even if inflorescences still remain on the chrysanthemums. Performe this operation with a sharp instrument disinfected with alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate. Moreover, if you have several chrysanthemum bushes, it is advisable to process the tool again after trimming each to avoid possible overgrowth of plants. read more →

Preparing the pond for winter

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garden pond

Flush the water and prepare the pond for winter

In general, the conservation of the pond for winter includes the following steps:

  • garbage collection
  • dismantling the backlight, and additional insulation of the entire wiring
  • installation of expansion joints
  • blackout of a hydraulic system
  • water surface coating

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Heating systems for greenhouses

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greanhouse water heaters example

Types of the greenhouse heating. The features and differences

In order to grow such kind of vegetables as tomatoes or cucumbers and other different types of vegetables in the greenhouse during winter period it is necessary to use greenhouse heating inside. To make greenhouse business successful and profitable you should keep tracking the level of temperature regime acceptable for plants. For creating of this regime it is necessary to implement the heating system inside the greenhouse. The qualitative heating systems that meet the necessary requirements will be able to give rich harvest to the owners of the greenhouse.

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Greenhouse ventilation in winter and summer

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natural circulation of the air in the greenhouse
The greenhouse ventilation can be of two kinds:

  • The first type is natural ventilation which is the natural circulation of the air due to open doors and windows.
  • The second type of the ventilation is forced ventilation which is the artificial movement of the air masses by means of various devices which is the fan in our case.

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January Greenhouse To Do List

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january in the greenhouse

January in the greenhouse

Most people consider January a dormant time in the greenhouse. If you have already minimized your heat loss, you have already insulated the heck out of them, the weather stripping, all the bubble wrap in the paneling and the foam insulation, the two inch foam insulation where they have reflective coating on them. If you have already done all that, what else can we do? Well, we can add some heat sinks. Those are ideal because they work the best with barrels, black steel drums filled with water all along the north side, and maybe holding benches throughout the rest of your greenhouse or anything to kind of accumulate some of that heat in the greenhouse during the day and release that at night, but you have already done all that. read more →

The ventilation of the greenhouse in winter

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winter greenhouse ventilation

Ventilation of the greenhouse construction in winter season


Regular ventilation of the greenhouse is quite important procedure at any time of the year whether it is hot summer or cold winter. However each of you will ask simple and natural question about necessity of airing the greenhouse in the autumn-winter period. Since the entry of a cold winter air into the greenhouse negates all the attempts to maintain a constant temperature in the greenhouse in winter period. This became even more critical if you use the so-called “cold greenhouse” which is basically the greenhouse without heating where certain crops are still growing in the winter season. read more →

The heating process of the greenhouses during winter period

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greenhouse winter heating

The last generation of greenhouse heating systems during winter season

The greenhouse will have high value if it has heating system as a part of growing system. Greenhouse heating system allows you to get early grown vegetables and greens and you will receive obvious benefits from growing process. Of course, the heating of the greenhouse requires some of the investments but it should be justified. read more →

Heating of the soil in greenhouses

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greenhouse soil heating

The main ways of heating the soil in the greenhouse and its features

The main purpose of heating the soil in the greenhouse is to grow different crops irrespective to the time of the year. Either to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and greens all time around the year or receive income from sale of grown plants. If you want to be able to grow your favorite parsley, cucumber or tomatoes even in the most severe frosts you need to have ideal microclimate that can be achieved by heating the soil. read more →

Options for warming up the greenhouse

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The heating process of the greenhouses can be natural and artificial. Natural heating is suitable for a warm time that starts in March. The space for the greenhouse should be selected carefully so that the sun’s rays penetrate the walls from all sides creating a greenhouse warming effect. But no one can protect the horticulturist and plants from unexpected frosts. That is the main reason why the heating system should be installed inside the greenhouse. read more →

Heating of greenhouses

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heating greenhouse

The greenhouses give the wonderful harvest when the weather warm and sunny. They are used in the spring, summer and autumn time. Greenhouse can give much more harvest and benefit if you will setup the heating system inside. As an addition in order for plants to grow and develop in a normal rhythm you have to keep the temperature on the constant level and control it. The temperature level depends on how much the plants are heat-loving. But in winter all of the plants will not survive without additional heating. There are the specific details in the heating process of the greenhouses which depends the heating design. The heating system must have the construction facilitating warming up not only the air in the greenhouse but the soil under the plants. read more →