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What type of polycarbonate is best for the greenhouse?

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honeycomb polycarbonate for the greenhouse

To build a high-quality greenhouse on the backyard, most gardeners prefer to choose modern, high-quality translucent plastic (polycarbonate). It’s became a worthy successor of the traditions of glass, which was previously used for the arrangement of greenhouses. What type, color and width of the polycarbonate should be chosen for the greenhouse, and is it necessary to protect it from ultraviolet rays? read more →

Greenhouse cover material

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how to choose greenhouse cover material

Cover materials of the greenhouses

Does greenhouse cover material matters? When the construction of the greenhouse building is in process the most important question comes up: “How to choose the material of the building?”. Do not forget that the cost of materials for the greenhouse should be calculated taking into the consideration that the business of growing the vegetables will be taking place during the winter period. So the material for construction of the greenhouse building should be chosen according to the season. The most popular options are: glass, polyethylene and polycarbonate. read more →

How to choose polycarbonate for the greenhouses

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polycarbonate pvc greenhouse

How to choose good quality of polycarbonate material for greenhouses

Due to the fact that there are a lot of offers on the market the main questions come up:

  • what kind of material to buy;
  • how much to pay to get quality for reasonable money.

We will try to help to answer all the questions and understand all the details.

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How does the greenhouse work?

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how does greenhouse works

The mechanism and the physical principles of the greenhouse function

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes no sense to look into buying a system without having an idea how it works (at least on the basic level)? By learning and understanding the principle of the greenhouse, you will be able to use its full capability and get the maximum benefits from it.
The most simple homemade plastic film greenhouses or complex industrial greenhouses – they all function on the basis of the same basic principles.

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