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Green House Gardening – A Tip For Organic Vegetable Garden

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organic vegetable gardening

Wide variety of methods for green house gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions and is widely used in organic food production such as with hydroponic. Others just want to cultivate plants that are sensitive to the cold weather or they try to get good seeds. And finally, some make a hobby out of the cultivation and display of rare plants. read more →

How does the greenhouse work?

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how does greenhouse works

The mechanism and the physical principles of the greenhouse function

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes no sense to look into buying a system without having an idea how it works (at least on the basic level)? By learning and understanding the principle of the greenhouse, you will be able to use its full capability and get the maximum benefits from it.
The most simple homemade plastic film greenhouses or complex industrial greenhouses – they all function on the basis of the same basic principles.

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Going organic – or not?

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Organic vs. GMO

During the last couple of decades consumers all over the world have been enjoying the widest variety of foods, both organic and those cultivated with the help of biotechnology. Simultaneously, there’s been a huge debate concerning the consumption of genetically modified foods. Some activists even drew parallels between eating the results of biotechnological progress and, literally, poisoning oneselves for there were deaths recorded from GM, near-deaths and increased amount of food allergies caused by this kind of products.

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