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The Essentials Of Installing Greenhouse Lighting

light for the plants

Lighting is a key factor in the healthy growth of any plant. So when you’re planning a greenhouse, it’s important that you give some consideration to the kind of lighting you’ll be using. Selecting a suitable lighting system will ensure that your plants grow faster and remain healthy. Here are various things you should be alert to so as to find the most appropriate greenhouse lighting system for your situation. read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 2

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greenhouse lighting

Climapod vegetable Greenhouse Kits are great for conservatory, flowering and plants cultivating. We published a series of articles with useful tips about growing vegetables in the greenhouses to ensure that your crop of vegetables were much more abundant. Previous Article

The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the greenhouse

The light and air-gas mode in vegetable greenhouse kits

When the day changes the night according to the season all plants and vegetables have the ability to adjust the developed reaction to these changes. The initial reaction called photoperiodism. read more →

Greenhouse growing under lights

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One of the many reasons for building a greenhouse is to extend the growing season. Incorporating grow light into your greenhouse is an important component that will help you do exactly that. But, if you want to garden under lights, there are several considerations you should mull over before making your purchases. read more →

Greenhouse illumination: Microclimate in the greenhouse Part 1

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greenhouse illumination

The level of the illumination and the temperature in the greenhouse

There are two main components of the microclimate inside the greenhouse which are the greenhouse illumination level and the greenhouse temperature.

The microclimate is a set of climatic conditions which are usual for the specific region but in our case the microclimate should be created inside the greenhouse. The microclimate is formed due to the influence of a number of physical phenomena. We would like to underline the most important physical phenomena for the functioning of greenhouses. There are the light, the ambient temperature, the relative humidity and the air environment. read more →