greenhouse illumination

The level of the illumination and the temperature in the greenhouse

There are two main components of the microclimate inside the greenhouse which are the greenhouse illumination level and the greenhouse temperature.

The microclimate is a set of climatic conditions which are usual for the specific region but in our case the microclimate should be created inside the greenhouse. The microclimate is formed due to the influence of a number of physical phenomena. We would like to underline the most important physical phenomena for the functioning of greenhouses. There are the light, the ambient temperature, the relative humidity and the air environment.

The flora of your greenhouse will be developing with the help of these four components that will be forming the biological environment in the greenhouse. The one of the main advantages of the greenhouse design is the ability to affect indirectly the above-mentioned components. As the result of the influence of the above-mentioned components the required microclimate artificially will be formed inside our greenhouse.


The illumination in the greenhouse

The illumination is the most important component of the functioning of the greenhouse construction. The greenhouse will not receive the required level of heat for the development of crops without sunlight. There is the fact that the light is the essential element for photosynthesis processes and as the result it is critically important for the vital activity of all plants without exception.

It is very important to choose not only the location of the greenhouse but also the material from which its translucent part will consist when you are going to build the greenhouse construction. It is also important what level of the angle the components of the upper part of your greenhouse will be located. Because when the sun’s rays which will be passing through the roof will be refracted with the certain level of angles which will also affect the microclimate inside the greenhouse.

phyto-active greenhouse illumination

phyto-active light in greenhouse illumination

Remember that the sun changes its location in the sky during the calendar year. For example if you build the greenhouse during the winter or spring period than you should consider that by the beginning of the summer the sun will change its trajectory. And as the result your greenhouse may not receive certain amount of sunlight and heat. In order to avoid such an outcome we highly recommend to calculate the location of the greenhouse so that the maximum of sunlight will be received during the late-spring and the summer period when the vital activity of the most types of the garden crops is at its peak.

Also we would like to note that the sources of artificial light will help the crop growing process in the greenhouse. This is necessary to provide plants with the required light level in the conditions of the long-term absence of its natural source. As for example during periods of intense cloudiness and also during the autumn-winter period when the level of light hours falls sharply in the day.

Phyto-active light for winter greenhouse illumination

We recommend to use specialized lighting for greenhouse illumination. It is usually called phyto-active light. It can be recognized as sources of illumination of the certain spectrum and intensity that most effectively mimic the natural light that plants needed so much.

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