The right way to care of the greenhouse

Polycarbonate is the best option to use for your country house greenhouse. Do you know how to care about your polycarbonate greenhouse?

Overall the main function of the greenhouse is to be “home” for berries, fruits, vegetables. Greenhouse as a system needs care and attention. And if you are expecting greenhouse to work and exist for you as long as it is possible then the following criteria are necessary to accept. And you should pay attention not only to the greenhouse itself, but also to the systems that work with it. For example, irrigation, heating, ventilation.

The main actions that you have to do for the greenhouse to be in a good working condition are washing and cleaning. That is very common when people in their majority just ignore these elementary rules. It is very important to understand that if polycarbonate will pass more light into the greenhouse, the better functionality of the greenhouse you will get, and as polycarbonate will be cleaner, the more light the greenhouse will let through. So the main mission for the greenhouse is to let though itself enough light to let plants grow as fast as it is possible, so the amount of cleaning costs will be reasonable in the future.

If you notice the fact of that the main material of your greenhouse is polycarbonate than that will make the process of washing and cleaning of the greenhouse easier because the polycarbonate material is easily cleaned from dirt and it washes with the help of completely ordinary household detergents: soap and water. The fact that polycarbonate does not make any reaction with chemical means let you use almost everything from cleaning supplies.

Another great advantage of cellular polycarbonate is that it does not allow moisture to pass through. That means that you can clean outside part of the greenhouse from the hose under high pressure and polycarbonate will still not miss the water and it will not break down.

The inner part of the greenhouse can be washed the same way as outside part, but after it will be necessary to collect moisture leftover after washing as well as drops and water divorces. It is highly recommended to collect the water after washing inner part of the greenhouse because we know that water increases the absorption of heat that comes from the sun and it increase the possibility of plant death.

It is also necessary to check all the fastening elements in addition to the coating material itself. If they are metallic, then you must prevent the appearance of rust. It is also necessary to ensure that there are no crevices, cracks, holes in the greenhouse. Since, if you do not make necessary actions to check all of it then the stream of air will flow through these holes, which will interfere with the microclimate of the greenhouse which will be already balanced with the right temperature. As the result it will just bring misbalance and unpleasant changes in the quality and quantity of the crop.

Mold, fungus, and other pests are real killers for the crop in many cases. If the greenhouse is covered with polycarbonate, then the plants are in safe and there are no way killers of the crop can attack the greenhouse.

Heating system for greenhouse soil

Heating system for greenhouse soil

If you set up your greenhouse with some kind of additional system, or a system that works from the power grid, then you should spend some time to pay attention to take care about too. Even if the system is fully automated and there are no need for human to be involved in the process, it’s still worth paying attention to make additionally check.

happy gardener in front of greenhouse

happy gardener in front of greenhouse