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ClimaPod Greenhouse Kits online store

Buy light and affordable hobby greenhouses or large greenhouses for four-season growing online

ClimaPod Greenhouses Shop offer high quality greenhouse models. ClimaPod features virtually unbreakable twin-wall polycarbonate panels. Twin-wall PVC provide perfect sunlight diffusion, insulation, and safety for plants. The design of ClimaPod was curved for making a beautiful looking greenhouse and to improve wind resistance. Due to smooth lines snow can easily slide off also. In addition we offer greenhouse kits of various length and width in Greenhouses Shop. That’s allow any gardener to find the right unit that will have plenty of room for gardening.

Greenhouses Shop: Climapod greenhouse kit options and accessories

Greenhouses Shop: ClimaPod Greenhouse Kit options and accessories

The most important thing you can choose in Greenhouses Shop a package that will fit your needs! They are:

  1. suitable size,
  2. frame and panel strength,
  3. ventilation,
  4. optional accessories.

Consequently each of the ClimaPod Greenhouse kit includes everything required for basic assembly:

  • Greenhouses are made of strong aluminum frame profiles;
  • 5″ aluminum base;
  • UV-coated twin-wall polycarbonate panels;
  • easy-to-follow detailed instructions;
  • and complimentary tools for assembly.

ClimaPod Greenhouse Kits assembling

Generally average assembly time with 2 to 3 people participating is about 2-3 days. So, we call it internally “a weekend project”. Experience in construction or involving more people can help finishing the assembly faster. We made very simple step-by-step Assembly instructions. Despite this our customers can always contact Assembly Support Team. We can give any advise or suggestions about ClimaPod greenhouse assembling.

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