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The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 1

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Let’s speak about the vegetable harvest in greenhouse dependence of environmental factors. The following characteristics such as growth, development and as a result the productivity of the vegetable crops depend on the factors that are surrounding the plant other words it is the nature environment.

The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the vegetable greenhouse

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Greenhouse temperature: Microclimate in the greenhouse Part 2

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greenhouse temperature

The temperature in the greenhouse

The greenhouse temperature is the other element of the microclimate that can be adjusted in the greenhouse environment. Typically the temperature in the greenhouse is referring to the average temperature inside the greenhouse structure. However it is worth remembering that in fact the temperature in different parts of the greenhouse design will differ. Even under the same influence of external conditions and under the influence of the same heat sources. In addition it should also be taken into consideration that even the indoors heat never stands still. That’s happening because the air constantly circulates according to the laws of physics. read more →