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Greenhouse ventilation in winter and summer

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natural circulation of the air in the greenhouse
The greenhouse ventilation can be of two kinds:

  • The first type is natural ventilation which is the natural circulation of the air due to open doors and windows.
  • The second type of the ventilation is forced ventilation which is the artificial movement of the air masses by means of various devices which is the fan in our case.

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Summer greenhouse. What should I grow?

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Summer greenhouse

In late spring, when the earth has warmed up enough, almost any gardener might say that it is common to plant the seedlings into the open ground in your yard. Some people say that you can forget about your greenhouse until it gets cold. We say – don’t be in a big rush.

The key feature of the greenhouse is that it can and has to be used year-round. The main thing is to correctly use the house and create an optimal micro-climate for your plants.
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