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Strawberry Cultivation Ways in the Greenhouse

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growing strawberry in the greenhouse

The cost of equipment and materials, the complexity and frequency of care, and the amount of the harvest depend on the method of planting strawberries in the greenhouse. read more →

Growing Sweet Peas In A Home Greenhouse

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Sweet peas with butterfly

When growing Sweet peas in a home greenhouse vertical strings are spaced about 4 inches apart. They are tied with a slip knot to the top wire, given one turn around the 16-inch and 10-inch wires, drawn fairly tight and tied with a slip knot to the bottom wire. It is best to tie a few strings near the center first and work toward the ends. This will tend to keep all the strings fairly tight. But it may be found necessary to go back and tighten some of them. read more →

The dill: growing vegetables in the ClimaPod Greenhouse

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growing the dill in the greenhouse

What exactly the dill is? Is it vegetable or grass? Many people are asking this question. The dill is the vegetable crop that refers to annual and herbaceous plants from the genus of Umbelliferae. This family consists of only one species and it is the Fragrant Dill. It is growing mainly in the wild Asia and as the garden plant it is growing all over the world. read more →

The fundamentals of vegetable greenhouse kits growing Part 2

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greenhouse lighting

Climapod vegetable Greenhouse Kits are great for conservatory, flowering and plants cultivating. We published a series of articles with useful tips about growing vegetables in the greenhouses to ensure that your crop of vegetables were much more abundant. Previous Article

The dependence of harvests from environmental factors of the greenhouse

The light and air-gas mode in vegetable greenhouse kits

When the day changes the night according to the season all plants and vegetables have the ability to adjust the developed reaction to these changes. The initial reaction called photoperiodism. read more →

Accessories and tools for greenhouses

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Irrigation system for the greenhouse

Greenhouse equipment – the basic minimum of tools

The erection of greenhouse construction is only the first step in the matter of agricultural greenhouse cultivation of orchard and horticultural crops. In addition to the actual greenhouse you will need a fairly extensive greenhouse inventory: things and devices, without which the effectiveness of growing vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse will be significantly lower than with the help of them. read more →

Growing vegetables and plants in greenhouse during winter period

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winter greenhouse growing plants

Heating process of the greenhouses in winter and growing plants and vegetables during cold period of the year

The greenhouse on the property of your house will bring you a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits during any time of the year and will fill your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, this is a good idea for successful business because organic products from private traders had always more value than products that was produced in factory. But when the cold weather come owners of greenhouses need to follow the specific rules and advices related the process of growing different crops in the winter. read more →