bottle watering plants in the greenhouse

The gardeners invented many ways to water plants. You can water from a hose in rows using sprinklers or use drip irrigation – bottle watering system. All these ways can be united by the fact that the main material that gardeners use is ordinary plastic cans or bottles. This kind of handy material should be present on every household. In addition to all the characteristics of this material we can just add that this material is quite versatile and useful.

What is bottle watering system?

This handy material is very creative helper in the situations when there is no possibility to irrigate every day and if the water can be delivered to the garden only for a couple of hours. In such kind of situations watering process should be used quickly but it is important to take care about the fact that if you will be using the hose with too much pressure of water from it you will only tear and blur the ground near the roots and it will just hurt the growing vegetables. It will cause only problems and you will lose the harvest. If you will master the technique of watering with the help of plastic bottles you will be able safely appear at the garden just for couple days a week instead of almost every day.

watering plants from the bottles in the greenhouse

How to organize watering plants from the bottles in the greenhouse: bottle watering system

Experienced and professional gardeners know the main secret of successful cultivation of any plants in the greenhouse. The one of it and the main one is regular quality watering. All of the above methods of moistening the soil for germination (from a hose, buckets of water to each bush, watering with special sprinklers and many others) are quite costly and difficult to use and install. Therefore another method was invented. It is watering using plastic bottles under the soil. This method was recognized as one of the best and most convenient.

It can be installed quite easily with your own hands at home. In addition this method has many other advantages besides convenience which you will learn later below. Having mastered the technique of irrigation of the soil with the help of plastic bottles (bottle watering system) you will be able to save valuable time and money and the plants turn out to be excellent and healthy.

How does watering plants from the bottles work?

The process of arranging the device for watering bottles in the greenhouse is quite simple. First of all you need to find and prepare the right quantity of plastic bottles. The quantity of plastic bottles will depend on the size of the greenhouse. To find plastic products should not be too difficult since they are constantly used on the production. If you still did not find plastic bottles you can easily ask the neighbors. They can share or just give away bottles for free since plastic bottles are consumables.

bottle watering system scheme

bottle watering system scheme

The best match for our purpose is one and a half liter plastic bottle or two liter containers. The other step is to make a pair of small holes in the caps of the plastic bottles. The diameter of which should be about two millimeters each. The purpose of these holes is that the water from the bottles will flow into the soil where the plants germinate. The number of holes may vary and will depend on what type of soil you have on your garden. The more clay your soil has the more holes should be made in the caps of plastic bottles. It all depends on how well the soil absorbs moisture.

Next step is to cut off the bottom of each used plastic bottle. There is no reason for the completely cutting the bottom of bottle. It can serve as a lid that will retain moisture and will not allow the moisture to evaporate. As soon as  you have been done all these manipulations, you can proceed to install the sprinkler.

Installing the bottle watering system

The best time to install bottle watering system is the planting time of the seedlings. It is okay if you will install the watering system after the planting will be done. It will not cause anything bad for your future harvest. You need to dig a small hole. The depth of the hole should not be more than ten or fifteen centimeters. The distance from the stem of the plant should not be longer than fifteen up to twenty centimeters. After the pit has been dig the next you will need to insert the plastic bottle with the lid down side. So the water can be absorbed by the soil.

There is another important rule you have to follow. You have to place the plastic bottle under the degree of thirty to forty-five. After all of this done the plastic bottle should be fixed in that position and the bottle should be slightly buried in the ground. It is important to remember that you should be careful with the roots of your watering plants so they will not be damaged while you will be installing the bottle.



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