The main idea of the life of usual resident of the big city is the constant everyday movement. But we have to admit the fact that very often everyone had the idea just simply sit down in the yard of the private house and just take pleasure in the pacification of the nature. The greenhouse or small plot of land is exactly what we all need for such kind of rest. Small flower garden in the suburban area is a perfect match for such kind of rest. The arrangement of the flower bed in the open space area sounds so beautiful and it is not difficult to decorate it with different varieties of flowers. There is a simple design of flower beds such as flowers in the villa area or flowers placed in front of the windows of a private house. Each element of this beauty will let your eye to see its beauty from different points of the garden plot. So lets look into flower bed design rules!


Possible flower bed design options

If you would like to communicate with nature in simple possible way it is necessary to pay great attention to the process of organizing the flower beds in the yard. You should consider the following main features when creating flower beds:

  • the degree of growth of the plants especially roses and low-growing crops;
  • period of growth and flowering;
  • requirements for lighting of suburban areas;
  • the height of each element;
  • etc.
flower bed design

flower bed design

The most undemanding in care types of flowers is the best option for the design of the flower bed in the yard. The perennial plants with the addition of one-year specimens are the best combination for such kind of flower bed. Thus you can do different schemes without fear of experiments. There are various design approaches of how to place the flowers on your private house flower bed or yard. To organize work you can hire an experienced designer. Or you can make the flower bed with your own hands armed with our advices. The most popular types of the design of the flower bed placed in front of the house:

  • Unlimited form does not have strict boundaries and schemes that is why it looks as natural as possible. It is preferably to plant perennials which are resistant to frost. The best way of planting perennials using the method of small groups and in case of position of the flower bed in your yard the best position is the area in front of the private house. Such kind of flower garden will please you with its unfading colors throughout the whole summer season.
  • The multi-level flower bed of raised type. This approach in the design of the flower bed is the great chose when you want your yard to have great look since the flower bed schemes of this type are visible from any point of view either it is front of the house or along the path. The multi-level flower bed allows you to re-unite several diverse beds. We can take as for example different varieties of roses. Such incredible decision of the design will only emphasize the originality of the owner’s fantasy.
  • The mono-flower bed is the “golden” choice between an expensive and budgetary option for decorating the private house with flowers handmade. You need only certain type of flowers to create these flower bed  type. As for example it is several varieties of roses and chrysanthemums. If you would like to make the mono-flower bed colorful it is more than enough to plant one kind of flower but with different colors and make an unusual shape of the flower bed. There are few varieties of the plants will be preferable in the section of round or square shape on the yard of private house.
  • The vertical flower bed can be used to decorate the walls of the private house. You can place vertical flower bed near the screens, walls, three-dimensional figures, etc. To make vertical flower bed you have to plant the flowers in the pots which will be fixed on the frame. Such kind of scheme will require a lot of care in the yard of the house and it will need to have additional financial investments.
  • The arabesque. The flower bed which is designed in this style will appeal to connoisseurs of unusual design. This type of design is bold bright solutions in the landscape as it is made in the form of insects, animals, etc. If you want to make such design of flower bed yourself then get ready for the hard work.
  • The regular flower bed is the colorful flower garden which has the form of a strict geometric figure. This type of design has symmetry. The main idea of this flower bed is the simultaneous flowering of all plants at the same time. Therefore such schemes of flower bed are rarely in demand especially if you want to create it from roses.
  • The carpet bed of dwarf roses involves planting flowers in the certain sequence in front of the house. The future beauty of the carpet flower bed requires a lot of work and financial costs.


How to choose the key flower of the flower bed?

We would like to advise you to pay a lot of attention to the selection of the color range other words the choice of the key color of the flower bed and its complementary “ensemble” regardless of the type of the flower bed in front of the private house. To resolve this issue you just have to follow these guidelines:

  1. Make the landscape design of the flower bed in details on a piece of paper;
  2. Divide it into sections and paint with colored pencils depends of section;
  3. Evaluate of how much the colors you have been chosen harmonize with each other and complement the color ensemble of the scheme.
The large basket with flowers like a flower garden

The large basket with flowers like a flower garden


When doing this section of work you have to follow the rules:

  • combination of green, purple and dark blue tone is the cold shades for the creation common background;
  • combination of red, yellow and orange is juicy dominant combination of colors in your flower garden;
  • use the contrast tones to emphasize the specific design while smooth strokes will soothe the look of the eye completing the full-fledged floral arrangement.

butterfly flower bed design in landscaping

How to choose the height of plants?

There is the golden rule that tall flowers should not shade low growth ones when planting the flower garden. You should place tall flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums and dahlias in the middle of the flower garden, as a rule. You should make the flower bed borders with low shrubs to dilute them. And frame the edges by stunted plants. Going closer to the center and throughout the flower garden area you should plant medium-sized flowers and shrubs as for example.

The original flower bed using the bicycle

The original flower bed using the bicycle

Ingenious flower bed ideas

Ingenious flower bed design ideas

Ingenious flower bed design ideas

To create not only beautiful garden bed but also original and unique ones you have to try to experiment with the colors and flowers. Feel free to “turn on” your imagination and study all the stuff  around you which you can use for designing. During the process you will see how the most unexpected element of your “warehouse” can be useful for your creative ideas for flower bed. There are couple advises about the things that you can use for the original arrangement of flower bed of roses or other flowers around the front yard of the private house or in front of the gate:

  • Stones. Multicolored different or identical in shape stones are creating a perfect complemented composition of roses or other flowers.
  • Board or wooden items. The wood is the natural material so if you beat wooden dies correctly in the form of the fence or decorative box then your originality will not be ignored.
  • Willow rods. It is not surprise anymore that the flower beds in front of the houses are usually decorated with wicker elements more and more often especially since it is not difficult to make such kind of construction hand made. For this type of purpose you should use rods optimally between one and one and a half centimeter wide.
  • The old tree stumps and driftwood can also become the elements of decoration on the backyard. To do this you need to remove the core of the tree and fill it with soil with flowers.
  • The bottles made of plastic or glass can be decorated with different colors or filled with colored stones. So you can divide the flower garden according to the existing scheme.
  • The old shoes or dishes. Such kind of decor will be the highlight of any design. Especially since you can put the object in any part of the flower garden.
  • The tires are the most frequently used option in the flower bed design. Despite the fact that this version of the design can hardly be called original the color idea and form can become your trump card.

swans flower bed design

General Tips for Decorating

In conclusion we would like to give you a few generalized tips on decorating the garden with flowers on the plot or at home:

  • Completion. Your garden like the canvas of an artist has to be the complete element. Do not try to cover the entire flower bed at once. It is better to break it into separate sectors to fill the flowers with the most harmony.
  • Many-tiered. To plant the flowers you should follow the rules of growth and color scale. So you can underline the scheme and the idea of the design as much as it is possible.
  • The color palette and the shape of the flower garden in front of the house. Before starting the planting you should determine the palette of your future flower garden. It should be monochrome floral tangle or motley multi-colored carpet. So it will be much easier and faster to implement your plans and ideas.

We hope that following simple advice you will be able to create the beautiful and unique flower bed design by your own hands and the process will be enjoyable and easy occupation.

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