how to choose greenhouse ventilation fan

Some tips of how to choose the proper greenhouse ventilation fan

Greenhouse ventilation fan systems are divided into several types: channel, centrifugal and axial.

The fans for the greenhouse differs in power, weight and diameter.

You should choose the fan ‘for wet rooms’ in most of the cases. The humidity in the greenhouse will be very high during winter and autumn.

You have to be guided by the area of ​​the greenhouse when choosing the power of the fan. The main idea of calculation of the power of the fan is if the volume of the air inside the greenhouse is ten square meters then the fan should process two hundred square meters per hour. Although if the fan has the speed control other words the power regulator it is possible to set the air circulation speed depending on the climate values ​such as temperature or humidity inside the greenhouse.

big ventilation fans for the greenhouses

big greenhouse ventilation fan

There are many situations when the owners buy powerful fans for the small household greenhouses which do not just make the regular circulation in the greenhouse but creates the real hurricane pretty much often. Of course after couple days of using such fans they usually return them for the replacement to the store. So please note that before purchasing the fan ask the sellers for the consultation.

Ventilation fan can be equiped with the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor. So it will automatically turns on when the temperature and humidity level changes.


The installation of the greenhouse ventilation fan

Greenhouse ventilation fan is usually installed on the front or rear side in the small greenhouses. In the bigger types of the greenhouses the owners put them above the door.

In the large greenhouses the fans should be installed on the sides as well as supplemented with fans inside the structure.

We highly recommend to install the shutter-blinds to protect the fan from the influence of the environment. Shutter-blinds close automaticaly if ventilation fan is off.

the louver lets cold air masses enter the greenhouse, meanwhile warm air can escape via roof fans

the louver lets cold air masses enter the greenhouse, meanwhile warm air can escape via roof fans

The air circulation

We recommend to make the vent hole for air circulation in addition to installing the fan. You have to make such the hole on the opposite side from the installed fan. If the greenhouse is using during the winter period it is better to make the window that can be closed instantly. And during the hot summer period such kind of window can be hung with the wet rag to increase the moisture of the air inside the greenhouse.

The quality of the air circulation can be controlled by several thermometers. They can be located at different locations in the greenhouse.

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