greenhouse building advices, tips and tricks

Choosing and building greenhouse for growing vegetables and greens

We bet that almost every gardener at least once thought about building greenhouse. If there is free place on the property of your country house then you should do it. Professional installers can build your greenhouse fast and quick and install it on the area. In other case you can build a greenhouse by your own hands.

The construction of the greenhouse structure for growing your own crop

The process of the greenhouse construction begins with the selection of the materials. If you will create your greenhouse made from polycarbonate material it will serve much longer rather the one that is covered with polyethylene film material. If your budget allows you to spend more then it is much better to purchase greenhouse kit otherwise the greenhouse can be sewn with polycarbonate sheets material. For the winter time period there is no need to disassemble the structure of polycarbonate because there is no problematic influence from snow and shock loads.

Climapod Assembly Video

Types of Greenhouses Construction

The most common are two greenhouse designs:

  • the rectangular design consists of flat rectangular frames that reliably fastened together. The construction will be more stable if the front and rear walls will be connected to each other;
  • the arched design is able to strongly reflect light especially on the bends which is unevenly scattered throughout the greenhouse so it constantly fixes high humidity inside the greenhouse. Please note that all fastenings need to be treated with an anticorrosive mixture.

Some Advices on Building Greenhouse

building greenhouse in country side

building greenhouse in country side

Do not rush when you are installing the greenhouse on your property. When planning the greenhouse construction it is worth considering not only the dimensions and external features of the future building but also it is important to pay special attention on the right place for the future greenhouse building. The greenhouse is a complex system that interacts with the surrounding world and is in harmony with the nearest structures so well as with the nature.

The geographical position should be successful. The greenhouse building should not be too close to trees or to high green plantations. Ideally you need to take into the consideration the natural light and the prevailing wind movement. Also do not forget to pay attention to such factor as remoteness of groundwater. The main thing is to arrange the construction where it will receive the maximum of light. Correct greenhouse orientation.

Building greenhouse includes the erection of the foundation. Please note that the dimensions of the foundation have to be coincided with the general perimeter of the future greenhouse building. Any design of the greenhouse located on your site should be modern. It will be warm for the plants only in case if the material will be selected correctly.

Under the cover of polycarbonate the greenhouse is capable of creating the “thermos effect”. The frame of the greenhouse should allow the installation of internal equipment that provides watering and lighting. The frame usually should be built from light materials as for example from aluminum profiles. It is necessary to avoid the creation an unforeseen load on the foundation. The frame can be not only permanent but also portable so you will be able to relocate the greenhouse if needed. The greenhouse which does not have the foundation is short-lived construction since it does not transfer the load to the ground but also insulates the entire perimeter.

The more successful the design the more harvest it will deliver. The result is that if your greenhouse is functional you can grow plants all year round. The heating area depends from the height of the greenhouse but not only from perimeter dimensions of the greenhouse. The degree of the ventilation and the light transmittance are very important processes that should be taken into the consideration as well.

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