Solar Thermostatic Fan

The  solar  thermostatic  ventilator  is  suitable  for  automatic  ventilation,  air  exhaust  and cooling within small space. It will convert solar energy into electrical energy to meet the demand of small space’s ventilation, air exhaust and cooling through setting up a working temperature by thermostat switch. Its key value is that it can be used for 5-10 years, or even longer by your one-time investment and little maintenance, you will never need to pay for the electric bill and worry about opening or switching off the ventilator.
The  solar  thermostatic  ventilator  need  to  be  assembled  at  the  place  where  have enough sun. it is suitable for small space around 5-7 m? and several sets can be used together  to  have  a  better  ventilation  and  air  exhaust.  Besides  being  used  in  greenhouse,  it  can  also  be  used  in  machine  room,  mobile  toilet,  poor  ventilated  and  hot small room, as long as there is direct sunlight.
High  reliability,  stable  performance,  long  life,  easy  assembly,  automatic  and  easy  operation are the main features of the solar thermostatic ventilator.



Content of Climapod Fan Package


  1. Choose the place to install the Solar thermostatic ventilator where is direct sunlight, try to keep the solar photovoltaic cell panel perpendicular to sunlight to receive the best light. There can’t be any shading on the solar photovoltaic cell panel surface, and it can’t be installed at low and concave place to avoid the rain water running into the ventilator through the air-bleed hole.step 1
  2. Measure and cut out section with size of 267*267mm for Solar Themostatic ventilator. It is recommended using a Utility Knife to cut through the polycarbonate. Once the piece is cut insert one end of the Ventilator into the open space, support the other side of the polycarbonate with your hand, and push the other side of the ventilator through for a secure fit.step 2
  3. Drill holes at the end of rods based  on  span size.Drill
  4. Once ventilator is securely in place, add the support beam making sure bolt holes align with the ventilator holes. If not drill addition holes into support beam. (If necessary, do this for both the top and bottom support beams.) Finally bolt both ends of the support beams into the aluminum profile of the greenhouse.step 3
  5. When the sun blaze down on the solar photovoltaic cell panel, if you set the temperature lower than the surrounding, then the ventilator will  work automatically; if you set the temperature higher than the surrounding, then the ventilator will stop working automatically. You can set the temperature to ventilate according to your own situation. If there is no sunlight on the solar photovoltaic cell panel, the ventilator  will  also  stop  working,  like  when  evening  or  the  surface  is  covered  by  light-proof objects, etc. step 4


  1. Clean  the  surface  of  the  solar  photovoltaic  cell  panel  regularly  to  get  better  ventilation, air exhaust effect.
  2. Add lubricating oil at pivot of the ventilator regularly.
  3. Wash  anti-dust net regularly. If you don’t need ventilation at all, you can cover the anti-dust net with a windproof product to stop the ventilation with outside, like plastic panel, etc.

Important warnings

  1. Don’t impact or compress with heavy or sharp objects
  2. Don’t throw objects into the ventilator, like thread and dust, etc.
  3. Keep it far away from high temperature and fire.
  4. Don’t throw.
  5. Keep it far away from Corrosive, inflammable and explosive goods.

Common problems and solutions

Problem phenomenon Reason Method
1 Slow fan speed The solar photovoltaic cell panel surface is covered by lightproof objects Remove the cover or clean its surface
Sunlight isn’t enough Place it under enough sunlight
Fan inner problem Replace the fan
2 Fan stop working No sunlight on the solar photovoltaic cell panel Place it under enough sunlight
Fan inner problem Replace the fan
Ventilator inner problem Check whether the wiring scheme is reliable
3 Thermostat loose control Thermostat switch damaged Replace Thermostat switch
Tolerance in temperature control Adjust temperature at Thermostat accordingly