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Clear Regular 8’3″ x 10’2″ x 7’2″ 84 sq ft


Clear-wall polycarbonate

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2 Sliding Doors With Magnetic Lock

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  1. William
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I installed mine in during the summer of 2014 and it had no issues during one of the worst winters the North Eastern US has seen in decades.
    A couple assembly suggestions, You need a perfectly level surface to install it or it will not be as sturdy. I used a concrete slab with pressure treated 2×6’s attached to it. I attached to greenhouse base to the lumber. You will need at least two people and at least a day to assemble it.
    Since much of the metal frame snaps together with plastic couplers, use a rubber mallet to help with the insertion not a hammer. A little plastic safe lube is helpful.
    I have read a few of the other reviews, yes, the clear plastic panels do rattle a little on windy days but it is not deafening as one review would suggest. If it is assembled correctly it should be sturdy enough to withstand a hurricane strength wind and not blow over into a pile of twisted metal and plastic as another reviewer stated.
    You will need to get the automatic vent opener as a 70 degree sunny day outside pushes the temp inside the green house up over 100 degrees.
    I started this years tomato and pepper plants right at the end of winter when the nights stayed above freezing and now have a large healthy crop of both growing inside the greenhouse ready for transplanting. It works great and if I had the space I would buy another.

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ClimaPod Clear Greenhouse is high quality polycarbonate greenhouse for gardening or flowering. Rust resistant frame. US fast delivery.

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