garden pond

Flush the water and prepare the pond for winter

In general, the conservation of the pond for winter includes the following steps:

  • garbage collection
  • dismantling the backlight, and additional insulation of the entire wiring
  • installation of expansion joints
  • blackout of a hydraulic system
  • water surface coating

classic pond in the garden

classic pond in the garden

Pond plants conservation

While the weather is dry and not frosty, you need to take care of garden ponds: clean them of debris and plant debris, remove heat-loving crops in a greenhouse or cellar, drain water or build up frost protection.

Pond equipment conservation

Fountains, ponds and streams operate in a closed cycle, thanks to the continuous operation of the pumps. But almost all units do not tolerate cold weather and cannot be without water, such as submersible pumps. Therefore, all electrical equipment, as well as fountain hoses and nozzles, must be cleaned of dirt and transferred to a warm room. Submersible pumps are best placed in barrels filled with water, in this form they will be perfectly preserved until spring.

pieces of foam on the surface of the pond take on the pressure of ice when the water freezes

If the pond is equipped with high-quality film waterproofing, you can not worry about its safety, but the ponds of concrete and plastic can suffer from extreme cold. To protect them from freezing, shock absorbers should be immersed in water: boards, plastic cans and sand bottles, while making sure that they are under water at different depths. Objects sink to the bottom of the reservoir under the influence of a sinker attached to them (a bag of sand, gravel).


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