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Green House Gardening – A Tip For Organic Vegetable Garden

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organic vegetable gardening

Wide variety of methods for green house gardening allows for the cultivation of vegetables, ornamental plants and flowers that cannot be grown outside because of the climate conditions and is widely used in organic food production such as with hydroponic. Others just want to cultivate plants that are sensitive to the cold weather or they try to get good seeds. And finally, some make a hobby out of the cultivation and display of rare plants. read more →

Gardening in Small Spaces

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Gardening in Small Spaces

Limited Area Gardening

Where garden space is very limited (small space gardening), consider wide-row planting of vegetables. Wide-row planting is simply a matter of broadcasting seeds in bands anywhere from 10 in. to 3 or more feet wide instead of a single band on each row. With the wide row system, more square feet of garden space is actually producing vegetables and less space is left for cultivation between the rows. With this method, production will usually more than double. read more →

A Practical Guide To Greenhouse Gardening

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Greenhouse gardening

Greenhouse gardening is what most gardening enthusiasts will develop for growing exotic plants as greenhouses, giving you the chance to garden all year round irrelevant of the temperatures. Thus gardening lovers can still continue their activities and enjoy all types of flowers and plants year round. read more →

How Home Greenhouses Can Save Your Plants

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greenhouse flowering floriculture

For any person who has an interest in gardening and who has their own plants to grow, getting a greenhouse may be one of the best things they ever do. Home greenhouses have a lot to offer and can make your job of caring for your plants much easier and more convenient. There are a few benefits of home greenhouses in particular that are worth considering. One of the best things about these buildings is that they allow you to control the growing environment for your plants.

flowering in ht greenhouse

One of the best and most important features of the home greenhouses is that you are able to control the temperature. You also get to decide how often you want the plants to be watered, rather than relying on Mother Nature. It depends on the sort of climate you live in as well, for instance most people in Canada are really only able to garden for three to four month time periods before it gets too cold. This is even more of an issue now that we are experiencing such dramatic weather changes.

Another of the benefits of home greenhouses is that you know you are eating fresh vegetables. Organic is certainly the preferred choice of gardeners today because these products are safe and natural, unlike the hazardous chemical gardening products some still rely on. These days most vegetable gardeners rely on organic products and stay away from chemical fertilizers and other products that can be harmful. There is also the fact that you are able to extend your growing seasons.

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You can start planting earlier on in the year and keep your plants growing pretty much all year long if you want to. It saves a lot of effort and worry by having your plants kept in a greenhouse rather than having them be vulnerable to outdoor weather. If you like showing off your plants and your hard gardening work, a greenhouse can work for you in this way as well. When you want to invite guests over to view your plants it makes a nice environment and really shows off all your hard work.

Proper roses trimming for winter

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Roses trimming for winter

The roses are heat-loving and capricious type of plants. Therefore the roses trimming for winter is necessarily for proper care of them. Every gardener should pay particular attention to this very important procedure. You should trim the roses before you “warm” flowers for the winter frosts. Only this way you can count on the fact that the flowers will be opened with all its beauty for you next year. read more →

The aphids as the pests in the greenhouses

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aphid greenhouse pests

Features of aphids propagation in greenhouses

The microclimate in the greenhouses are ideal for the crops propagation due to the formation of the medium with the high temperature and the optimum level of humidity within the greenhouse construction. However the same conditions contribute to the active vital activity of many species of harmful insects. The one of the most common types is aphid greenhouse pests. read more →

How to choose pumping system

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how to choose water pump for irrigation

Read first: What are the water pumps for watering the garden

How to choose water pump for irrigation

Okay, how to choose water pump for irrigation in garden or greenhouse? The first thing that we would like to advise you is to consult with the seller in the store or with the garden technician. Before you will understand which type of the pump to choose you have to analyze the source of water with you will be pumping from. There are different kinds of surface devices that can be used for the well, pond or drip irrigation. read more →

What are the water pumps for watering the garden

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water pump

The watering process is the most important matter of garden care. You should pay special attention to this kind of work at your garden land. There are various irrigation systems which effectively and consistently supply with the water resource your garden property. The pump for watering process of your garden is the best invention that can help to solve many vegetable growing problems. In this topic we will look at the different types of pump systems and will try to decide which water pump for garden better to choose.

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Main tips for pruning trees during the winter

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Main tips for pruning trees during the winter

It just seems that the garden almost does not cause troubles. In fact you need to take care of trees paying attention on such kind of things like protection against pests, shelter from frosts during cold days or the forming of the crown in correct way. This all is the reason why you have to do the process of pruning trees. read more →

Accessories and tools for greenhouses

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Irrigation system for the greenhouse

Greenhouse equipment – the basic minimum of tools

The erection of greenhouse construction is only the first step in the matter of agricultural greenhouse cultivation of orchard and horticultural crops. In addition to the actual greenhouse you will need a fairly extensive greenhouse inventory: things and devices, without which the effectiveness of growing vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse will be significantly lower than with the help of them. read more →