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When is the best time to install a greenhouse?

ClimaPod Virtue 9x21 Greenhouse Kit Photo From Our Happy Customer 2020 - 2

Today, the main material for the production of greenhouses is cellular polycarbonate. Possessing high performance characteristics, this material allows greenhouse assembling at any time of the year. However, the question of which season is best to install a greenhouse is still relevant. read more →

What is polycarbonate UV protection?

polycarbonate UV protection

Today, polycarbonate is widely used in construction, in the manufacture of translucent structures and in the decoration of buildings. Of the entire selection of materials, cellular polycarbonate with UV protection is most popular. read more →

Step-by-step assemble of a polycarbonate greenhouse frame


Anyone who is determined to assemble a greenhouse by yourself, you will need a screwdriver and a wrench. If you bought a ready-made greenhouse, then the set must necessarily contain all the necessary fasteners and an assemble diagram. If you are able to weld all the elements of the frame with your own hands, then you have already made a drawing, calculated and bought the elements necessary for installation. read more →

What type of polycarbonate is best for the greenhouse?

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honeycomb polycarbonate for the greenhouse

To build a high-quality greenhouse on the backyard, most gardeners prefer to choose modern, high-quality translucent plastic (polycarbonate). It’s became a worthy successor of the traditions of glass, which was previously used for the arrangement of greenhouses. What type, color and width of the polycarbonate should be chosen for the greenhouse, and is it necessary to protect it from ultraviolet rays? read more →

How to Equip Polycarbonate Greenhouse Inside

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climapod passion 9x14 greenhouse

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are a popular way of gardening. Special arrangement of the greenhouse inside gives us the opportunity to get a harvest earlier than in the open-air field. And with the progress of technology to equip greenhouses has become a simple matter. For example, cellular polycarbonate is very useful: lightweight and durable material and you can quickly mount a greenhouse of any size with it. read more →

Greenhouse Supplies For A Well-Working Greenhouse

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climapod summer greenhouse 2018

What to know about greenhouse supplies can be important, especially when one hopes to design a well-working enclosure and it’s more than a hobby, for instance. The current economic climate is causing many people to look at ways to save money. Growing their own vegetables can be a way to save a few dollars and eat healthier, on top of things. Additionally, selling plants, certain fruits and vegetables can bring in additional income. read more →

Building greenhouse on your country plot

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greenhouse building advices, tips and tricks

Choosing and building greenhouse for growing vegetables and greens

We bet that almost every gardener at least once thought about building greenhouse. If there is free place on the property of your country house then you should do it. Professional installers can build your greenhouse fast and quick and install it on the area. In other case you can build a greenhouse by your own hands. read more →